General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.10.09


Who finds out next about Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting? Ric? Jax? Both? RUMORS say Ric will find out but it MAY not stop with Sonny’s brother. Remember I mentioned way back when that Jax MAY be learning the truth and keeping it to himself? Would that cause trouble for the reunited CarJax? Just yesterday we talked about them being OK but I also mentioned that when Sonny is involved, Carly usually gets sucked back into the vortex. IF and when Jax finds out about Claudia ordering the hit that sent Michael into coma-land, would he tell Carly or keep it to himself? That earlier mentioned vortex MAY have Jax stopping himself as he’s afraid that telling Carly what he knows will send her straight to Sonny and into his life. Who tells Jax? SPOILERS say it’s Olivia who gets her boss the DVD. That’s rich considering she torched the one Kate had during the crisis.

More on Michael… IS he getting SORAS’d? RUMORS have said yes but the latest GOSSIP says they are still casting both Michael and Kristina. Should they run into problems with casting Michael, could Dylan Cash reclaim the role? Possibly. Would that mean Kristina wouldn’t be recast either? Maybe. I liked the Kristina RUMORS though and while I love Dylan, I wouldn’t mind an older Michael. Robin and Patrick disagree on the best course of action for Michael.

LL2 over before they began? Lucky and Elizabeth decide to let their love stay in the past and move ahead as co-parents and friends. Why am I bringing this up again? Apparently we didn’t get it the first time around and we SHOULD be seeing more scenes of the pair confirming this. While we’re on LL2 let’s talk RUMORS about firings and change in status. As I mentioned yesterday, RUMORS say Greg Vaughn has already been dropped to recurring and we’ve already endlessly talked about the bloodbath that MAY be hitting Port Chuck. Will Rebecca Herbst also go recurring? What about Steve Burton? He decides soon about staying or leaving but the fans MAY not know until June what he has decided. There are always RUMORS that Megan Ward is exiting this spring and the LATEST that Rick Hearst will either be dropped to recurring or cut completely has my jaw on my desk. I love Becky, Steve and Greg but Rick Hearst is AMAZING when given the proper material.


Maxie seems to be everywhere. She’s on the hunt to save Spinelli. She’s posing for the cameras with Johnny as Crimson’s go to couple. I love Kirsten Storms and she’s awesome as Maxie but she does not need to be EVERYWHERE. According to RUMORS, more scenes with Robin and possibly even a spin around the track.

Robin and the PPD… Is it PPD or just a new mom wanting to get back to her life? Matt brings up Post Partum to his sister-in-law and she gives him the boot. RUMORS say real-life PPD sufferers are being cast to create a PPD support group for Robin to join. Didn’t they do this on AMC with Taylor’s fiancé?

Nikolas is jealous. He hates the friendship Lucky has with Rebecca and asks his brother to stop it at once. Brad asks Robin if she’d like to go out on a date. Maxie declares her love for Spin when he must leave the country. Will Jason wear a wire? Just how far will he go to save the Jackal? Helena’s back in town and everyone is hoping that means Rebecca is really Emily.