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Opening visuals were tight.


Seamus Dever was right. Very film-like.

Nathan Fillion is writing on some girl's boob.

Stana Katic has a Billie Reed haircut.

Sassy black girl alert!

Okay, so girl detective with sexy haircut is familar with the muderer's style from reading Castle's books!

Seamus Dever sighting! He and his partner are providing snarky cop commentary!

Love the bitchy barbs between Castle and the ex-wife/publisher/porn star?.

Hey there's Maggie Gioberti from Falcon Crest! She plays the mom. I guess the woman from Arrested Development was too busy  with 90210.

Nice. Snarky teen daughter.

Detective meets author!

Castle wants to spank her.

So pretty, so tough.

She reads his books. She's a fan. But she's too tough to show it. Such a throwback. No Ally McBeal neurosis here. Straight up 80's feminazi!

Okay, the grandma is SO borrowed form 90210!

Red is the set designer's favorite color. it SYMBOLIC? Red blood, red flowers, red hot show? Gasp! I am so clever.

The kid is smarter than the detectives so far.

Kate Beckett reminds me of Kate Hepburn. I wonder... was that intentional?

So the detectives are reading Castle's books to try to figure out where the killer, apparently an obsessed fan, will strike next.

Julia Roberts is so back! Duplicity looks FIYA!

Proecedurals move a lot faster than serials. Nip/Tuck was easier to follow! So was GL!

I wonder what DC's Tina thinks of Castle? She loves her crimetime!

Show's on.

Now she has a detective reading Castle's fanmail.

Isn't Alison Tisdale a Disney princess?

Angry black police boss? Check!

Hey, he was on Another World I think!

Castle's offering his service.

This show moves fast!

Kate Beckett finds Castle contemptable. Six seasons from now they will bang like retarded monkeys. Scratch that, in today's warp speed society they will bang like retarded monkeys by episode three.

He's psycho-scooping her. She's smirking.

Uh oh, he must have hit a nerve. Smirk is leaving her very pretty face.

This show knows writers. We can get all up in your head. That's why Ken Corday doesn't hire any.

Castle has the mayor on speed dial.

The dialogue is fun.

Wow, this premiere has like every crime scenes from all 18 CSI's!

I love the sassy black woman! Can The Young and the Restless call her? Now, she I relate too!

Watchmenlooks FIYA!

The commericial with this woman with the hairy pits is disgusting.

Why anytime I hear the phrase "NYPD" on ABC, I expect to see that fat, bald guy's naked ass?

This show is very colorful.

Yo, Seamus!

The killer is obsessed with Castle.

Oh Lord, creepy guy in closet!

Pervasive Development Disorder? The red herring who is so not the killer has this.

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Castle does a lot of research obviously. He knows his shiz. Glad her's not a hack. Can he write daytime?

The victim got the red-herring his job.

Is that Stephen J. Cannell?

Hey it is! James Patterson too!

Poker game with the crime gods, love it!

Okay the first half was good. Procedural with personality. I can dig it.

Whew! So let me catch up. Sorry, not much snarky commerical blogging this time. Castle has figured out someone is setting up creepy-boy-in-closet-with-mental-disease I've never heard of. Is it me, or is Stana Katic stealing the show so far?

Wouldn't it be an awesome cross-promotional move if Frons could convince Nathan Fillion to do multiple arcs on OLTL like Tuc Watkins does? Moves like this could help save Daytime.

Picture the ad campaign: After you watch Nathan Fillion in Castle, check him out in Llanview on One Life to Live.

Castle is a manchild. Kate Beckett wants some manchild loving.

He just kissed her on the cheek.

He gave her an autographed book.

She's feeling him.

He totally stole her evidence.

"How did you find me?"

"I'm a detective, it's what I do."

"My mother told you didn't she?"

I am still so sad about Maggie sticking her finger in that swimming pool drain. Love Susan Sullivan.

Kate realizes Castle is right. They have the wrong guy!

The murderer is someone with a motive! Not a creepy weird guy!

Wow, my grandparents wouldn't even talk to me about sex, but Castle works out gruesome murders with his kid!

Seamus Dever was a fun interview. I am happy for him and hope Castle does well.

Amber Tamblyn sighting. She's in something called The Unsuals. Another cop drama. Can a brother get another soap? I know procedurals are a safer bet, but look at Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters, when done right, soaps kick ass in primetime!

Castle is upstaging Kate again. Billionaire dude was leaving half to his kids. One of whom was the victim. Did the brother kill her?

Tisdale is dying.

She gave him a nose noogie.

Castle can tell he has terminal cancer by observing him? Shiz!

The brother looks like a 2008 Guiding Light leading man. Grease-tastic.

Where were you the night of your sister's murder Jonathan, I mean Brother Tisdale?

Score one for Kate Beckett, she knows the brother was lying.

Okay,  the brother did it? Something about some passport business? TIna help?

Okay, he killed his sister and framed the creepy guy? Or did he? Help a brother out, is there time for another plot twist? Y'all know I don't do procedurals, but this one seems cool!

Castle and the Judge are as tight as Ken Corday and Josh Taylor.

They need a warrant Judge Joe Brown, what's the hold up! Move it Hunter and McCall are on the case!

My grandparents would have solved this by the first commerical break. They always beat Angela on Murder She Wrote and The Chief on In The Heat of the Night. RIP Mama and Daddy.

The brother is shredding passports!

Nathan Fillion is doing ballet.

Oh no, he was getting the key to his handcuffs with his feet.

Did Robin Strasser help him get that limber during Dorian and Joey's love scenes?

Oh wow, the crazed killer brother has Castle!

Why do the killers always wait for the crime snoops to solve the case before they shoot?

Castle and Beckett are cute. Love the music. Can GL's music supervisor watch a primetime show already. There is an art to music placement.

Okay, I am digging this show. I'm a sucker for moody pop songs.

Rick Castle is basing his new character on Kate!

"He's like a nine-year-old on a sugar rush!"

I'm in! Great freaking pilot. Who knew murder could be fun?