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The Curious Case Of The Forgetful "Mrs. C"

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I am beginning to have trouble keeping track of what Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) does or does not remember and when. If I'm not mistaken the time line goes something list this. 


The first stage was when we all knew that Katherine was actually Katherine, but she was forgetting things. This allowed Kevin and Gloria to manipulate her. Stage two came when Katherine ended up in a car accident with Marge. Marge died but everyone thought it was Katherine they buried. Meanwhile Katherine thought she was Marge, but knew that it didn't seem right and couldn't remember most of her past. Katherine aka "Marge" was arrested and put in jail with Gloria, who figured out that "Marge" was really Katherine. Kevin figured it out and finally convinced Amber that Marge was "Mrs. C."

 Katherine was then kidnapped and held hostage with Esther. Amber and Gloria saved the day, but not before an explosion knocked Katherine on her head again. This leads to stage three. Katherine is now in the hospital, but this time she doesn't remember anything about being Marge. It doesn't help that her idiot grandson Cane seems to think he knows his grandmother, but as Billy Abbott pointed out Cane's only known her for two years.

So as it stands now Katherine doesn't remember being Marge while Amber, Kevin, Gloria, Esther and Billy all believe that she is in fact Katherine. Michael Baldwin, Daniel, Lauren and Jana aren't sure if she's Katherine, but are going along with it because of Kevin and Amber. Meanwhile Jill, Cane and Nikki Newman refuse to believe that Katherine is who she claims to be.

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Let's hope and pray that Katherine never falls again because I'm not sure I could go back to having Katherine thinking she is Marge while trying to get back her memory. It's making me question whether or not this storyline is overly convoluted or just good soap.