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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.11.09


Holly and Helena? Too much to handle? Obviously Holly’s return is being linked to Ethan and everyone who is anyone is hoping that Helena’s return means NotEmily is the RealEmily. Can you hear Frons’ campaign for that one? The real Emily returns…oh wait, she’s already there and we’ve been telling you her name is Rebecca…tune in. Some fans say Helena and Holly are the reasons for the POSSIBLE bloodbath hitting prospect studios (where GH is filmed). Emma Samms’ return SHOULD be a temporary gig with some saying she’ll be in Port Chuck and on our screens for roughly three weeks. Helena has never been a contract character (at least not to my knowledge) and I ASSUME that isn’t going to change. Two returns of recurring characters, one said to be brief, is that really a reason to let five actors go? The cuts hitting ABCDaytime are more likely a result of the crappy economy that is hitting everyone. I’m not giving Fronsie a free pass as there are plenty of newbie’s on my screen that really don’t need to be there especially not at the expense of some of my faves.

But the plan in that great mind of Brian Frons is to gain viewers back. To say General Hospital has been struggling in the ratings is an understatement. Yes, during the toxic ball crisis crap, GH had a boost but so did most of daytime. What once was a powerhouse in the soap world has now become a joke and is Helena Cassadine or Holly Sutton enough to boost the ratings? I’ve seen plenty of comments that Helena’s return will have fans tuning in, but when she is underused or given subpar material, will you stay simply because Helena is there? Does General Hospital want fair weather fans or stable viewers?

I’ve always said and most agree that it starts with GOOD WRITING. It doesn’t have to be spectacular, hell it doesn’t even have to be great but it better at least be GOOD. At times, GH gives us some good scenes, Monday’s scenes with Carly and Jason are a prime example of that but in no way is General Hospital consistently good. That in my opinion is the problem. But you’re all here to read SPOILERS and not why I am so disappointed in GH

Jax finds out that Claudia ordered the hit that put Michael in a coma. Is he finding out another secret? SPOILERS say Jax also learns that Kate knew all about Claudia’s part in it and has kept her mouth shut. Will Jax spill what he knows to Carly or will he also keep his mouth shut thus putting his newly renewed marriage in jeopardy?

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Patrick hits Jakes after another spat with the wife. That’s when he has a trivia head to head with no other than NASCAR’s Jeff Burton. Coleman turns fangirl and wants the driver’s autograph.

Maxie pulls out all the stops in her quest to save Spinelli. What about Winnie? She’s there to aid in saving the Jackal but Maxie will be her roadblock to Spinelli’s heart. Speaking of Spixie, what is going to happen with them? Well as I mentioned, Maxie declares her undying love for her BFF when she learns he has to leave the country to avoid prison. Will TPTB give Spixie fans a Spixie relationship? Johnny and Maxie have been heating up the screen and RUMORS say they’ll continue on as Crimson’s poster couple but Spixie fans just MAY get what they’ve been hoping for. I like both Spixie and JoMax so it’s a win-win for me but what happens to Johnny if Spixie gets the go ahead? Hopefully he’s not sentenced to Lulu hell. We SHOULD see a little Ethan-Lulu-Johnny triangle of sorts happening as Lulu is spending too much time with the mysterious Aussie and Johnny isn’t happy about it.

Ethan…What’s coming up besides more time with the shrieking bandit? Well RUMORS have him mixing it up with the Q’s and with Holly hitting town in time for May Sweeps, I’d say it’s safe to say Ethan will have a role in the Sweeps story as Holly is the reason he’s in PC. I said a few weeks back that IF Ethan is Robert and Holly’s son; both would have to return, right? The LATEST CHATTER is that Tristan Rogers COULD be making a return as well. One theory however, had Luke stepping in as a “father figure” for Ethan, taking the place of the absent Robert. Ummm… I know the writers devalue the Spencer’s, but how about Luke act like a father to his own kids and then we’ll worry about someone else’s.

Where’s Ric Lansing? Is he off mourning his father’s death? Is he stock piling his secrets? With the RUMORS that Rick Hearst MAY be leaving GH behind I’d hope they’d use the Emmy Winner while they had him. At least set up a kick ass exit story cause dropping him to recurring is a dumb move as some other soap will most definitely pick him up. RUMORS say Ric will find out about Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting as well. Question is, what will he do with the info? Will Ric have another secret up his sleeve? Remember there were RUMORS that Trevor would reveal he was Johnny’s true father but that never happened before his swan dive off GH’s rooftop. The other RUMORS around Trevor’s death were that Ric would get that valuable dock property back in Trevor’s will. Could Trevor’s will hold some of the secrets Ric is RUMORED to be holding?

Sorry NEM fans, I’m sort of hooked on NotEmily and Lucky. Even if Rebecca turns out to be the real deal Emily Quartermaine, I still say the most story potential is a Lucky-Em/Rebecca-Nikolas triangle.


A few for the road… Jason will be wearing a wire. Is that what saves Spin from a trip around the world? Holly mixes it up with Luke, Ethan and Lulu. Robin and Patrick fight, she skips out and finds a bar with a bartender who listens well. It’s not that Brad character, it’s a lady, and hence the listens well part. Brad is a handsome stranger Robin meets and he asks her out. She says no at first. Who’s the hottie playing Brad? An actor named Tony Daly who’s appeared on Cold Case, CSI:NY and Swingtown. Sarah Brown was right, he’s hot and is it just me or does he look a little like Tom Pelphrey?