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General Hospital's Tristan Rogers Speaks Out on MonaVie-Gate

Daytime Confidential's 2008 Male Performer of the Year, Tristan Rogers, has spoken out on his MySpace blog about this whole MonaVie situation. 


It’s one thing to sell a product to John Q. Public. There is nothing implicit in this arrangement other than the product is what it is and does nothing more or less than what it is advertised to do. It’s another thing all together to sell the same product to a group of people who look up to you, and perhaps worth ship the ground you walk

on. When dealing with people at this level it is MOST important that you are not seen to be “selling” something. Rather, the product is presented in a sincere way and it is presented for what it is.Questions regarding this product must be answered in a way that do not infer the product could be something more than it appears to be." 

Click here to read the rest of what the General Hospital and General Hospital: Night Shift star has to say about MonaVie-Gate.

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