Michelle Stafford: "There Was This Post Saying 'I Think Michelle Stafford Is Ugly. What Do You Think?'"

Michael Fairman has just published another excellent interview on his site. He talks to powerhouse actress Michelle Stafford about the Phyllis/Nick/Sharon dynamic on The Young and the Restless and how she’d like to see Phyllis handle the situation. Perhaps more surprising is what The Stafford discovered after following Lynn Marie Latham's advice to check out the internet message boards.


On Sharon’s breakdown:

Phyllis didn’t think Sharon was a strong or worthy opponent. She didn’t think Sharon was very smart. In her head, she knew Sharon was a tramp. This is all in Phyllis head. This is not how I feel. I really want the “Shick” and “Phick” fans to know I am speaking from my character’s viewpoint. Phyllis thinks that Sharon is a tramp and really needy, and goes to the only man she knows that can help her. She can’t stand on her own. So she is enjoying saying, “Look, see? She is being the person I knew she was.”

On visiting soap message boards:

I truly, truly, went on the boards two years ago, when the Phyllis and Nick thing went crazy. Lynn Latham (ex-executive producer “Y&R”) at the time said, “You’ve got to go check out the boards. Everybody loves you. You’ll see.” I went and saw that there was this post saying, “I think Michelle Stafford is ugly. What do you think?” And a lot of people responded to it. I was like, “Oh, my god!” Then there was another post about, “Who is prettier, Sharon or Michelle?” Since I was on the message board, I saw there was this whole debate on who was prettier and nicer, whether it was Sharon or Michelle. One of them was, “Michelle must really be like that if she can play it so well.” You know, Sharon is my friend. I would never want Sharon to go look on those boards and see that they wrote, “Michelle was prettier” or something. It’s crazy to me.

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