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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Poor, poor Matt. He was such a sweet guy to go visit his niece and he got pooped on for his effort. Although, the minute he opened his mouth and mentioned the depression I thought, "Uh oh, here comes the storm." It didn't surprise me that Robin went off on him. Plus, it was a rather odd thing for him to say. Do people with postpartum like to be asked about it, even if they have acknowledged it? Then he heads over to the hospital to tell Patrick and gets dumped on again. I do like that he snarkily told Patrick that he'd better do something before things get worse.

Has Patrick done anything other than suggest a psychiatrist and yell at Robin?

Poor, poor adorable little Emma. She looked so forlorn sitting in that stroller at the end, as dear old mom ran out and left her.

I liked the Liz/Robin scene. I wish Liz would have tried to get Robin to see that something might be wrong and that it's not simply a matter of being overwhelmed. I love the rapport that Rebecca Herbst has with babies and kids, like the ones who play Cam, Jake and baby Emma. She's very natural with them.

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Kudos to Laura Wright today. I liked everything with this Michael story, from keeping hope alive to accepting that the test didn't work and that Michael's not coming back.

Jason/Maxie/Sam/Winnie: So basically these four are all on temporary leaves of absence from their jobs so they can run to the other end of the country to find an adult, who should be able to take care of himself. Sure. Yeah, I know I said I'd fast forward, but it's like a car wreck and I have to watch to see how bad it is.

I hated the Lucky/Luke fight and Tracy's snarkiness to Lucky. She's a fine one to talk about parenting. Where are her boys? Also, it seemed to be a way to justify Luke's odd "attraction" and strange loyalty to Ethan.