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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.12.09


Yesterday I asked, where’s Ric? That hand we saw snatching one of Jerry’s DVDs, that was him. Nice to see TPTB using Rick Hearst to his fullest potential. Where will see him next? Watching the DVD! Ooooohhhh the suspense is killing me. Sorry, sarcasm is not always my best color. So Ric finds out that Claudia hired Devlin who then shot Michael and it’s just the right information to hold over his former lover’s head. Let’s keep track here. Kate, Ric and soon Jax will all know who hired Ian Devlin. And they all keep it a secret?! It’s soap, secrets are part of the deal, and I get that, but Jax? The RUMORED spin we’re going to get for this one is stupid IMO. Jax doesn’t want Carly to go running back to Sonny, so his answer is to keep this HUGE secret from his wife? Let me know how that works out for you buddy.

What about Claudia? Surely this secret is coming out, right? Too many people know the truth. Ask Jake Spencer, err Morgan, about that one. How in the world will Guza redeem Claudia and not have to kill her once the truth is out? Get your salt boulders out as this MAY be Fanfic but what the hell, here’s what’s out there… Supposedly, the secret is kept past the time of Michael coming out of his coma. In fact, the secret MAY be kept long enough for Michael to develop a rapport with his new step-mom. When it does finally come out, these RUMORS say that Michael isn’t as hellbent on revenge as he once was (nice to see the bullet to the head has changed your outlook on things Mikey!) and Sonny, well Sonny sort of likes his new wife, so no harm no foul. But there’s always the Carly contention and Claudia better stay clear of Hurricane Carly.

The next logical question is what will Jason do? Wouldn’t he want Claudia dead for what she did to Michael? Remember, Jason’s giving the biz back and goes back to being Sonny’s enforcer. Jason does what Sonny says and IF the above comes to fruition, Sonny doesn’t want his wife six feet under.


So basically what COULD all these mean? TPTB love Carly and Sonny, no matter how they can get them. They’ll take a re-do with Sarah Brown and Maurice Benard. They’ll throw Laura Wright’s Carly into the mix as a thorn in the Corinthos’ side. In the end it’s the two Carly’s and Sonny in a storyline. That’s a win in TPTB’s eyes. Where does that leave Jax? IF the Fanfic turns into an actual storyline, that would mean the end of CarJax, right?

Johnny has a lot to lose as well, especially where Lulu’s concerned. Yeah right! Lulu cares about herself and no one else, she will not care that Johnny had a part in Michael’s shooting. Sorry Lulu fans but this girl was brought on as the Second Coming of Laura Spencer and she’s nothing like her mother. They write her terribly and I just don’t see this version of Lulu caring about Michael. But there is some Johnny drama coming up on the mob front. Sonny’s back and calling all the other mobbies to a meeting to announce that he is back on the throne. Claudia wants Johnny to attend to show his support for Sonny and the newly-merged organizations; Johnny says thanks, but no thanks. You’re sitting on a ticking time bomb sis, and I don’t want either one of us in the vicinity when it explodes! The mob prince comes up with a plan and goes to Sonny telling him he’ll back him as the head of the family if he divorces Claudia. Does anyone ever deliver Sonny Corinthos an ultimatum? Sonny tells Johnny, sorry kid, not happening. Question though, COULD this be the meeting Jason wears a wire to?

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This sort of all brings us back to Ric… He tells Claudia I know what you did and now I’m going to blackmail you. Sonny offers Ric a “low level” job at the mobster meeting but is that good enough for the power hungry Ric? When he goes to Claudia after the meeting and tells her he knows her dirty little secret, Ric also tells Claudia he wants her to snoop on her hubby and feed him the goods. Hasn’t it always been about Ric getting one over on his brother? Now that Ric is a thorn in Claudia’s side and no longer her bed buddy, what’s a mob moll to do? RUMORS say Claudia does what she does best and orders a hit on her brother-in-law. True to form though, these RUMORS say it’s a botched hit.

Helena Cassadine… What’s up her sleeve? Emily Quartermaine according to some, but will Ethan Lovett also come out of the psychotic Granny’s bag of tricks as well? Both Ethan and NotEmily aka Rebecca will be on mysterious phone calls in the weeks to come. Who’s on the other end? NotEm SHOULD be conversing with Helena, Ethan’s chat fest partner MAY not be revealed but we’ll surely be led to believe it COULD be Helena.

Whose kid will Ethan be? I think it’s safe to say or ASSUME that Holly is the proud mama but who’s the daddy? Is it Luke? Robert? There is some CHATTER out and about that Anthony Geary MAY be pushing for Ethan to be a Spencer.


Which brings me to Lucky… Poor, dumb Lucky. You all know from reading my blogs that I hate how they write Lucky as such an idiot. Once again, I will remind TPTB (just in case they’re reading) that Lucky is a SPENCER. Not to mention a cop who doesn’t realize the grifter just picked his pockets? Come on!

Is Guza taking Robin’s Post Partum Depression storyline too far? Like many have mentioned, I don’t know anyone who has had PPD. Some friends have had the baby blues but as I understand it that is something completely different. At first, I liked the PPD storyline as it is something very real but I’m not so sure I buy this whole forgetting your kid thing. Some have questioned why Patrick wouldn’t want a nanny if he’s concerned about Emma’s well-being. I see it as more of Patrick’s medical background telling him Robin has PPD, but the husband and father in him just isn’t ready to truly admit that. In terms of SPOILERS for Scrubs, they’ll continue to have their issues and will butt heads over Michael’s care. Robin’s PPD has been RUMORED to be wrapping up by month’s end with Robin joining a support group. One WHACKY RUMOR has Robin attempting suicide and Patrick having to make a tough decision. I don’t buy that one. We still have hot Brad coming and Patrick’s misery bringing him to Jake’s to mix it up with the NASCAR dude. But as a better part of today’s SCOOPS has been about Michael, let’s talk Scrubs and Michael. RUMORS have had Robin making progress with Michael’s treatment when Patrick has accepted defeat. Will Patrick be happy with Dr. Scorpio that she did it all behind his back? The old Patrick never liked being proved wrong.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Did Rebecca Herbst already agree to a pay cut? One RUMOR says she’s signed a year extension to her contract. JaSam is RUMORED to be getting the hard push as an attempt to boost ratings. When LL2 got dropped, the RUMOR mill said JaSam was also slowed down. IF Ethan isn’t a Spencer, look for Johnny-Lulu-Ethan angst. Fan of Spinelli’s latest adventure? I don’t hate this one but I felt like there were too many people on Spinelli’s trail. Winnie SHOULD be around for a little longer.