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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Hey kids! Mama is off today and decided to post an early edition of the spoilers on The Young and the Restless. (UPDATE on Victor)


Lily/Cane: She declines her man's offer.

Murphy/Katherine: Even though things look a bit bleak for Katherine, love is blooming for her and Murphy pops the question!

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Nikki:  Realizing that her best friend is alive and well, she comes up with an idea on how to help her. She decides to have to have Katherine take another DNA test and unfortunately for Katherine, things don't come out the way she wants them to. At this point Katherine is starting to get fed up with everything and wonders if its time for her to leave Genoa City.

Kevin: Amber, Jana and Daniel think that Kevin is the elusive "Chipmunk Bandit" and they show Michael the robbery footage. Mikey is blown away that the person he's viewing is in fact his little brother. When the cops come a-calling to get information on Kevin's location, Jana is willing to cooperate. She does this so she can find out where Kevin is because she's scared for his well being. Michael decides to lie about Kevin and claims that he's in Mexico. Daniel receives an email letting him know that the "Chipmunk Bandit" is at it again. Kevin has hit another bank. Things turn for the worse for Kevin when Clint has a heart attack! Kevin panics and decides to call the police, but Clint stops him. He talks Kevin out of it because he (Clint) is scared that the police will find them and lock them up. Soon after, Clint dies. When Kevin sees the body, he thinks about his father Tom and believes he killed him. Amber blows Michael and Daniel away when she's hell bent on finding Kevin!

Amber: She locates Kevin.

Phyllis/Sharon: The jig is up for Sharon's lil' tryst with Billy when Phyllis busts them! It all goes down after Billy calls Sharon and she tells him that she sent him a text for him to swing by her room. Billy informs her that he never got it but someone else did... NICK! Phyllis seizes the text and it pissed off by it and heads over to the athletic club to confront Sharon and let her know she wants her to stop contacting Nick. Phyllis thinks that Sharon's always trying to make problems for Nick to be involved in and is fed up with it. Sharon orders Phyllis to leave her room and when Phyllis is about to, she spots Billy's arrival and spies the couple kissing when he's at the door. Phyllis realizes what's going on and decides to let Nick know what Sharon's been involved in. Phyllis has a bellboy call Nick saying that Sharon needs to see him right away. Phyllis comes to the conclusion that if Nick knows what Sharon's been doing he'll stop focusing so much of his time on her.

Phyllis plan doesn't go the way she wants it because when Nick shows up, Billy has headed off to deal with his upcoming custody battle. Sharon figures out that Phyllis tried to bust her and she and big red have a showdown at the tack house. Phyllis wants to know from Sharon if Jack has a clue on what's going down and Sharon starts to freak out and beg Phyllis not to tell Jack about BRAD! That's when Phyllis realizes that Sharon's not all there. This revelation to Phyllis really doesn't move her to ease up on Sharon, she lets her know that she has no pity to give her. When Phyllis turns away from Sharon, she (Sharon) swipes the monkey figurine that Nick gave Phyllis when they first started sleeping around and leaves. Sharon calls Billy to let him know their hookups are no longer happening. Phyllis isn't able to find the figurine and realizes that Sharon stole it. Phyllis knows that Sharon's not playing with a full deck and regardless of figuring this out, she's driven to get revenge on her.

 He's also on the team Katherine alive train when she rips him a new one after he screams at Nikki.