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Did Miss Piggy Break Her Silence About The Sesame Street BLOODBATH?

Muppet superstar Miss Piggy reportedly spoke out on the message board of a fansite decided to her,, about the shocking scale backs at Sesame Street. Here's what she reportedly managed to type—considering she has hooves, not hands, don't discriminate:


I am very saddened to hear about the budget cuts at Sesame Street. Although Kermit and I and our friends like Gonzo and Fozzie are much more popular than our distant muppet cousins, they do a really important service for America over at Sesame Street by teaching children how to read, write and eat lots of carbohydrates. You cheap &*% public television viewers should be ashamed of yourselves! I know we're in a recession, but you could send in a dollar. Do you want your children broke AND stupid?! Do you think you should get to watch Pavoratti Live at the Met for free? Cheap Sons of &*^%$#@! Support Public Television!"

Update: Miss Piggy's spokesperson said the actress/model/entrepreneur did not, I repeat NOT make the above statement. Reportedly, the disgruntled star of another 80's cartoon series hacked into Piggy's computer and wrote the note. It isn't confirmed, but we're hearing it's Rainbow Brite.

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Thanks Beeker for the tip!