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Hunter Tylo In Real Life Domestic Drama

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Hunter Tylo filed legal papers last year claiming her boyfriend abused her children -- but all is well now, at least according to her.

In the legal papers, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Tylo claims her daughter told the family doctor that Corey Cofield was "yelling at her and her sister and hitting them with a belt." The daughter also says Corey made them do "excessive push ups," making them stay in push up position for 20 minutes.

Hunter also claims Corey once trapped her in her bedroom and grabbed her by the throat, "hard."

Corey denied all the allegations, but the judge granted the restraining order in May. In October Hunter had the order terminated, claiming he "has actively been taking parenting classes and has attended family and couple's therapy."

This from WENN News via IMDB.

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American actress Hunter Tylo has settled her differences with her allegedly abusive boyfriend after the pair underwent couples therapy.

The former The Bold and the Beautiful star, 46, filed for a restraining order against Corey Cofield last year, claiming he abused her children.

In the legal documents, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Tylo alleged one of her young daughters had complained to their family doctor that Cofield was "yelling at her and her sister and hitting them with a belt". The youngster also accused Cofield of making them do "excessive push ups" for long periods of time.

Tylo also recounted one occasion when Cofield is said to have trapped her in her bedroom and grabbed her by the throat, reports

Cofield denied all allegations, but a judge granted Tylo the restraining order last May, forcing her lover to stay away from her and her family.

However, it has now emerged the actress had the ban terminated in October after Cofield agreed to seek treatment for his behavioural problems.

The termination request suggested he had "been taking parenting classes" and had "attended family and couple's therapy".

Tylo has three kids from previous relationships: son Christopher Morehart from her first marriage to Tom Morehart, and daughters Izabella and Katya from her relationship with Michael Tylo. Her son, Michael Tylo, Jr., drowned in a tragic accident in 2007.