SHOCKING GENERAL HOSPITAL RUMORS: Are The Soap's Leading Men Forming a Contract Alliance?

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I bet Ken Corday and Barbara Bloom are loving all the behind-the-scenes drama allegedly taking place over at the Mouse House soaps. In today's Suds Report, Nelson Branco dishes about how buzz at General Hospital has leading men Anthony Geary, Maurice Benard and Steve Burton allegedlyforming an alliance to protect their contract statuses. Who do they think they are, the cast of Friends? Too bad Geary didn't think of a similar pact with Genie Francis!

Branco is also reporting on rumors that have GH offering recurring deals that are just like being on contract. Say what, say huh? How exactly does that work? Here's a note to GH: Stop bringing back high-priced former stars in new roles. That might save you a buck or three.