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What's Going Down (Like Dorian Lord) on Other Soaptastic Blogs?

Wanna know what some of our soap blog-o-pals are posting about this afternoon? Roger Newcomb at We Love Soaps has a video about Guiding Light's upcoming trip to Florida. Here's hoping they keep Reva out of cars and off bridges this trip!


Lynn Liccardo is writing about how Otalia's connection on GL reminds her of the chemistry between Hillary B. Smith (ex-Margo; Nora, One Life to Live) and the late Ben Hendrickson (Hal)on As The World Turns on her blog at Red Room.

Fancast's Sara Bibel wants Barbara Wa-Wa in charge of ABC Daytime at Deep Soap.

The Serial Drama divas are blasting All My Children's increasingly-cartoonish David Hayward.

Michael Fairman has a new interview up with the aforementioned Hillary B. Smith at

Damon Jacobs, who hooked DC up with that awesome Cady McClain interview, is talking about the underwear contest he judged for The Trevor Project at his blog. By the way, if your life is a stressed-out hot mess, you have to buy Jacobs' book, Absolutely Should-less: The Secret to Living the Stress Free Life You Deserve, changed my life!   

Our new All My Children spoiler guru, AMC Super Poster, has a poll up wanting you to pick Who You Think Pine Valley's Most Romantic Man Is? My pick is for the bucket of PIG VOMIT who made out with his sweet, lesbian sister-in-law's girl!

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DC Podcast regular Belinda is talking about those nasty ABC snatchalopes at Eye on Soaps.

Soap Opera Source has an interview with Natalia Livingston on her new GH role, NotEmily.

Last but not least, After live-blogged the return of Dirty Paw-Paw Brian on ATWT, while their Sapphic counterpart After Ellen discuss those lesbian soapers on Skins.

In non-soap dish:

Our pals at Blackarazzi are wondering if Kanye West hates the paparazzi as much as the egomaniac says he does, while The is dishing about a new study that says if you listen to Beyonce or Justin Timberlake you're about as smart as Melanie on Days of Our Lives

Meanwhile that bashful blogger Perez Hilton has a new pic of Josh Duhamel's wifey Fergie.