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All My Children Spoilers

Here are your SUPER-SPOILERS for the upcoming week and down the road! 3-13-09


Aidan/Pete: Pete gets brought into the Zach/Ryan war when Aidan catches Peter spying on Zach and bribes him. The two strike a deal. Meanwhile, Pete and Opal move (who are now homeless) move in with Tad.

Aidan/Zach/Reese: Zach, thinking of Reese, asks Aidan how he and Kendall justified their decision to sleep together. Later, Aidan goes to Reese and Reese, thinking he is Zach, says she regrets having pushed him away.

Zach/Reese: Zach (whose portrayer Thorsten Kaye has recently re-upped with All My Children... ALTHOUGH he curiously refused to give the length of the deal to NY Daily News columnist Carolyn Hinsey) remains by Reese's side at the hospital as she is readied for surgery.

Ryan/Kendall: Kendall insists on going to Connecticut to identify Greenlee's body with Ryan. Super-sleuth Pete reports this back to Aidan. At the morgue, Ryan and Kendall are unable to bring themselves to look at Greenlee's body; they identify her by her ring and trust the DNA results. Later, Aidan takes a peak (rumor: he will see it is NOT Greenlee but will keep this to himself and may possibly have switched the DNA results.) Still in the "peeking" mood, Peeping Aidan spies Ryan and Kendall - who tells Ryan they need one another - making love but keeps this news to himself when reporting back to Zach. Down The Road: Kendall chooses between Ryan and Zach on Friday.

Ryan/Greenlee: Both Ryan and Jackson get a copy of Greenlee's will on dvd that she prepared in the event of her death. Ryan views it on March 19. Catch your last glimpse of Rebecca Budig as Greenlee! (Unless Brian Frons can sweet talk her, again.)

Zach/Ryan: Zach enters the room as Ryan pulls Kendall into a kiss. Putting two and two together, he tells Kendall that Ryan used her to get to him. (Cameron Mathison states in an interview with Soap Opera Weekly that Ryan and Kendall's making love has more to do with their connection than revenge.)

Reese: Reese has a dream and in it are her father, mother, and ex-fiance. By the end of it, Reese knows what gender she wants, and who. Bianca. She determines to get her back which throws Zach for a loop. And, she starts to see the light. Literally.

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David/Krystal: Krystal asks for legal papers to be drawn up stating David will not pursue custody of his and Amanda's offspring. Tad and Amanda do not believe Krystal when she relays that David has promised he will back away. For good reason...

Little A: David seeks and gets a search warrant to the Chandler mansion. His obsession with gaining custody of their grandson unsettles Krystal. Uh... let it go. (Please Pratt!)

Jesse/Erica: David insists that Jesse get Erica - who helped Adam leave the country with Little A - to tell them the location of Little A's whereabouts on Friday. Erica's actions peeve another ex-lover. According to head writer Charles Pratt: "Jackson is going to be a little miffed when Erica makes the choice to get into trouble with Adam."

Erica/JR: While keeping David in the dark, Erica keeps JR up to speed on Adam. Speaking of JR...

JR: David poisons JR!

Crazy Annie/Aidan: Annie is STILL a nut as Aidan realizes. Annie's heart is broken when she realizes she won't be celebrating Emma's birthday with her. But the thing is... it isn't Emma's. It is Annie's. She has a flashback to a childhood memory giving viewers insight into why she is mentally ill.

Tori/Crazy Annie: Something just doesn't add up about Annie's new psych intern.

Brot/Taylor: Their descent to background clutter continues; no spoilers to report. Fans, doesn't Beth Ehlersdeserves so much more?

Scott: Stuart Chandler's adopted son (via Cindy, who died of AIDS) returns to the Valley on April 9, played by Cameron Mathison lookalike Adam Mayfield.

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