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Battle of the Ex ABC Soap Stars: Nathan Fillion vs. Eva LaRue

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Current and former soap stars were all over the place during Monday night TV (more posts coming on those appearances), but now ABC's Castle is taking on CBS's veteran procedural CSI: Miami. Both shows feature former ABC soap stars. Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey Buchanan, One Life to Live) stars on Castle while All My Children'sEva LaRue (ex-Maria Grey) has been solving crimes on CSI: Miami since 2005. The question now becomes can Castle give ABC the procedural it so desperately craves or will it be sliced and diced by CSI: Miami?


As a rule I rarely watch most "classic" procedurals such as CSI or Law and Order. In fact I loathe most of them. I blame such shows, along with reality television as a genre, for the decline of great sitcoms and serialized dramas. Though I will admit to watching CSI: Miami as a time slot last resort when nothing else is on.

On the other hand, I've always enjoyed less cliche crime dramas like BONESThe Closer and now Castle because they have a twist or hook that isn't procedural related. With Boston Legal no more I am ecstatic to have a show like Castle to watch on Monday nights. For me it isn't even a question of Castle or CSI: Miami.

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