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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sorry, I’ve been MIA for a couple of days, but sometimes I just can’t find the energy to post.

From yesterday's episode:

Does Robin have post partum or a double personality? I’ve never heard of someone with post partum, hanging out in bars during the day and denying she has a family. Also, I thought she wanted to go back to work full time, so why isn’t she doing that? Very strange behaviour.

Spin/Maxie: Ok, on Friday’s episode, I got all gooey when Maxie declared that she loved Spinelli, but now it’s turned into this strange dependency thing where if she doesn’t get her way, then she threatens him with another guy and that’s not the Maxie I like.

I don’t understand Winnifred’s desire to flush her career and her brand new promotion down the drain, to save Spinelli. I like the kid, but seriously, what is it about him that has everyone falling all over themselves for him.

I really don’t need to see them do the nasty on that disgusting flea infested couch. And, am I the only one thinking that this big shindig that Claudia wants to put on, is a major invitation for anyone with a grudge to make a move on the Corinthos/Zachara organization. All the key players, in one room on the same night? And I’m betting dollars to donuts the only security will the crack team of Max and Milo (and I mean crack in every sense of the word)

Not sure how I feel about Ric finding Jerry’s DVD. In a way, I guess I should be happy my man’s getting some airtime, but at the same time, I doubt it will end well for him.

Now that Johnny bought his own garage, why doesn’t he tell Kate to shove it? The way she treats him, it’s hard for me to understand why he stick around.

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Now, onto today:

I hate that Nikolas is going all stalker crazy on his own brother regarding a woman who isn't his late wife.

I hate everything Winnifred/Spinelli, including Spinelli thinking having an APB out on him is somehow cute and Winnie actually hiding under Rayner's desk without him seeing her.

I liked Maxie's hair.  She finally got rid of that rat's nest on the side of her head and it looks much cleaner and nicer.  Not sure how I feel about the JoMax kiss.  Not sure how I feel about the show going there.

I sort of liked the Kate/Carly scene.  Although I kept hoping Kate would tell Carly the truth about Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting.  I don't understand the secret keeping.

I liked the Carly/Jason scene, but she needs to do something about her hair.  I'm finding it way too thick these days and it's distracting me!

Loved the Alexis/Sam scene although if you blinked, you missed it.