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All My Children's Ryan and Kendall: Same Song, 700th Verse. Sing It Over, It Only Gets Worse.

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As the World Turns may be recycling 2006 scripts, but in the arms race for unoriginality All My Children is going back even further. Apparently Kendall and Ryan are back in fashion again. What could be more exciting then then Ryan and Kendall back together, yet again? I mean seriously. The angst, agony, romance and sorrow of this "iconic couple" - and I use the term so loosely a mac truck could drive right through - will spark the imagination of fans, immediately make All My Children "must watch TV" and save the genre from itself. Ryan the superhero, Kendall the second guesser and Zach the man who never loses are here to save the day! Whoop-de-do-da-day, inspiration abounds! I'm so happy I need to take a prescription drug to calm my excitement.


I know that many General Hospital fans think that it is the worse of the three ABC soaps, but I enjoy it exponentially more than All My Children, even with the mob. Only in the world of soaps do shows such as All My Children and Days of Our Lives have their ratings go up while shows like One Life to Live are hanging on for dear life.  All My Children even beat General Hospital in the ratings. I'll let everyone draw their own conclusions about what that means, but it says something.

In Other AMC News:Liza Colby is returning to Pine Valley and apparently she earned a law degree from Legal Eagle For Dummies: The Accelerated Degree Program. I'll bet she even has a certificate to prove it.

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