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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I really hate what they’re doing to Robin. As a huge Robin fan, watching her lie and make up stories to strangers is really hurting my head. This is not the Robin that I’ve grown up with.

Patrick’s another one who’s turning into a douche right before my eyes. If my husband were likely depressed and had suddenly disappeared from the planet, I’d be out looking for him. Why not make it clear to Mac that something is wrong and to help him try and find her. She must be leaving a paper trail wherever she is, get off your bar stool, stop wallowing in your misery and find the mother of your child and get her the help she desperately needs.

On a shallow note: Liz’ hair looks quite lovely these days. I liked Carly’s dress though I felt she needed a little more support, uhm, upstairs.

I don’t get the Sonny/Olivia flirtation. It seems out of place now that Sonny is ok in his marriage and even Carly has given it her stamp of approval, which is totally out of character for Carly, might I say. It seems they don’t have anything for Olivia to do except run around doing Jax’s business and have the occasional moment with Sonny. Hook her up with someone; Ric, Coleman, Mac. Here’s hoping she watches that DVD and realizes what Kate was trying to say all that time.

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