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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.18.09


Is the end of Ric Lansing near? He has the goods on Claudia and he wants her to do his bidding with his brother. Will Claudia be forced to order a hit on her former lover or will Jason get to exact his revenge on Lansing? We know Jason is going to be wearing a wire to Sonny and Claudia’s “mob summit” however in true Jason form; he can never let Sonny go down so Jason messes with the wire. With Jason not cooperating what is Agent Rayner going to do? The LATEST is that Ric offers to dig up the dirt Rayner wants. I tend to like evil Ric but is this just a means to an end for TPTB? Is someone taking a hit at Sonny? SPOILERS have Ric giving his big brother the heads up.

NotEmily, Embecca… whatever you’re calling her… What’s up with the look-a-like? OLD RUMORS had Rebecca re-living Emily’s past. With everyone hoping that NotEmily is the real Emily, it was ASSUMED that Rebecca was having memories of her life as Emily. Could it be that the RUMOR was lost in translation? It SEEMS that Rebecca MAY have to await the results of a mammogram and in what COULD be FANFIC the character MAY have breast cancer. Is this FANFIC or just another recycled storyline? I’m still sticking by my original statement, for this character to work for me, she must turn out to be the real Emily Q. BUT, I could get on board with Emily’s cancer coming out of remission IF the story is written properly. GH has not been known for writing compelling cancer storylines, at least not since Monica’s. Emily’s last return which had her undergoing treatment for breast cancer was good but not great as I’m not a fan of the miracle cancer recovery.

Liason Scene… RUMOR has it they’ll be talking about Rebecca. Remember when we dropped Elizabeth’s suspicions about the Em look-a-like? And then there was the drop about Sam investigating her… Well it seems that Sam, Spinelli and Winnie will take on their first task and look into Rebecca Shaw’s past. Yep, IF and WHEN Sam sets up shop as a P.I. RUMORS say Spin and Win will work with her.

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CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Robin admits her problem on the 24th. Sam helps save Spinelli. Will she use her womanly ways to distract Rayner? Ric will use what he knows to throw Claudia out of whack. Johnny wants his sister out of Sonny’s life and tells Sonny so. More RUMORS that Claudia will wind up knocked up. Is Jax heading out of town? Will he spill his secret first? And what has him leaving this time? Robin unloads her troubles on Jason. Will Patrick find a friend in Sonny? SPOILERS have Robin starting therapy in early April. Is this when we’ll see the PPD support group. Carly MAY not need her nanny anymore but Scrubs does. What’s Alexis confessing? Does Luke get a kick out of Lulu and Ethan?

Spixie Stuff… RUMORS had Spixie fans finally getting what they wanted. A real shot. The LATEST now says that Spixie MAY not be getting the hard push after all. Why? Guza seems to like JoMax and the possibilities that Ethan and Lulu bring to the table. Does this mean Geary didn’t get his way? Remember the GOSSIP said Tony Geary wanted Ethan to be a Spencer. But back to Spixie... why the change? Like I mentioned, most likely because of Guza, but story wise, RUMORS have Spinelli learning a little more about the Maxinista's devious ways and just not being able to turn a blind eye to it anymore. Plus, there's still that JoMax kiss coming.


JaSam Romance… Is it coming? So say yes, some say no, some say be patient. There are a few factors affecting the reunion of Jason and Sam. One is Kelly’s schedule with her Vegas show. The other is Steve Burton’s contract status and lastly, it SEEMS TPTB are listening and slowing things down a tad. However, the first two may be more of a reason than TPTB listening to us. We all know how much they hate to that unless it’s one of Frons’ “focus groups.”

Carly and Jax… They renew their vows and Sonny says he’s happy for Carly but will the happiness be short lived? I’m not talking about Jax’s above mentioned trip out of town but the DVD he watches from Jerry. In that DVD is when Jerry SHOULD be telling his brother he is very much alive as well as unloading the truth behind Michael’s shooting. Way to spend your honeymoon, huh?