Sebastian Roche Back to GH?


Is Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roche) on the first train back to PC? According to SOAPnet he is!


NEW: Now that he's been killed off of "24," Sebastian Roche is free to return to "GH" as presumed-dead Jerry Jacks. Surely this means trouble for Claudia and her Secret That Almost Everyone Knows, but it probably means no shortage of angst for Alexis, Jax, Carly, Sonny, Johnny, and Sam, and Jason too. Jerry claws his way out from the bottom of the harbor (... we assume) on April 15th.

I've been talking about Jerry being alive for the last few days in SPOILERS and Jerry SHOULD be confirming his alive and well status for his brother Jax when he views the DVD Jerry sent him. Is Claudia done for? Will this be the storyline coming up for Alexis? Will Jason finally get to finish Mr. Craig off and make our own Belinda very happy?

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