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Branco's Top 10 Most Improved Actors Selected

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TV Guide Canada's own Nelson Branco has revealed his list for this year's most improved actors. At the number 10 spot, Branco discusses former Guiding Light star Michelle Ray Smith's (Ex-Ava) performance before she headed out into the Peapack sunset. Branco states,


It never fails. When a hair model exits a soap, the performer in question will surprise critics by deciding to act at the very last minute. And Ray Smith was no exception. After Ava gave birth to Remy’s baby, the character began to suffer from an unforgiving case of postpartum depression that had this critic asking if she was really acting — it was that real. The kicker? Ray Smith was pregnant in real life. If the actress ever returns to GL, I hope she’s with child.

For Branco's pick on the most improved producer and couple check out the entire list at

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