DC EXCLUSIVE:Lawrence Saint-Victor Talks Ugly Betty and Guiding Light's Remy and Christina!

Anyone who thinks Guiding Light hunk Lawrence Saint-Victor is just another pretty face should think again. As Remy Boudreau, the loveable lug, who has been there for practically every distressed Springfield damsel from the late Tammy (Stephanie Gatschet) to Ava (Michelle Ray Smith), Remy has always been the dashing knight, who never quite got to ride of into the sunset with the girl of his dreams. That could all be about to change, now that things are heating up between Remy and Christina (Karla Mosley), the quirky, fellow med student who married him for student loans, if not convenience. Could it be love for this cute pairing?


Saint-Victor recently shared his thoughts about that very subject with Daytime Confidential. He also gave us a sneak peek of tonight's Ugly Betty (8 pm ET/7 pm C), which features him in a steamy role opposite Mode's vicious fashionista Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams). Will Willie be drooling over Saint-Victor's pecs like DC's Jillian, Nicki and Mel?

Daytime Confidential: Congrats on booking Ugly Betty, it's one of my favorite shows. Tell me about your role.

Lawrence Saint-Victor: Thank you! It's a funny role, it's really funny. I play a nanny who is hired by Vanessa Williams' assistant, because he feels she needs to get over her past love and he thinks a new, attractive nanny can help relieve her of some of her...issues...You know what I'm saying?

DC: Oh yeah! So will there be any romantic scenes between your character and Wilhelmina?

LSV:Well, you'll have to wait and see!

DC: Okay, okay!  Could the role turn out to be recurring?

LSV: As of right now, it's a one-day part, but you know, the role could always come back, so you never know.

DC: We may have to wait until your episode of Ugly Betty airs to see if you and Wilhelmina get it going on, but what about at your day job. Is it love for Remy and Christina on Guiding Light?

LSV: They're an awesome couple, if I can even say they are a couple yet, because they are bound by this marriage, yet they're slowly getting to know each other, and dare I say it, almost loving each other. It's very iffy and shaky. Within the next couple of weeks they are going to be hit with some serious trials!

DC: I can't wait! What about Ava? Is Remy really over her?

LSV:I don't think he'll ever really, really be over her, just because they went through so much together, but since she was so hung up on Bill and the lifestyle she could have had with him, that romantic spark you saw between Remy and Ava never got to be established.

DC: You have such a ready, realistic chemistry with everyone you work with, from Yvonna Kopacz-Wright who plays Remy's sister Mel, to Montel Williams who plays your dad.

LSV: Thank you!

DC: I loved the recent scene where Remy told Natalia (Jessica Leccia) he should have been the one she had her one-night stand with!

LSV: I've been blessed to be part of an amazing cast and I play a character who for awhile didn't have a major story, so I got to play with everybody. Me and Jessica worked together a lot when she first came on the show, so I kind of have a vibe with everybody there and we all get along and play so much. When you're having fun it feels easy!

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