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General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop! 03.19.09

So what should they call it? If you could name Sam, Spinelli and Winifred’s new P.I. Agency what would you call it? RUMOR has it there may be a fourth character being added into the P.I. mix. Any guesses as to whom? Sam steps up again to help save Spinelli by destroying the evidence against him. Will Agent Rayner catch her?

April is going to be a busy month…Robin’s PPD comes to a head, the hospital re-opens, Helena returns and the new Michael debuts. What’s with all the stuff happening in non-sweeps periods?

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This has been mentioned so I’ll address it as our FANFIC or SPOILER of the day… Are TPTB going to shake up the only true couple they have? They’re already doing a number to the Scrubs marriage with Robin’s Post Partum Depression storyline but Elizabeth’s involvement in their struggles has plenty of RUMORS popping up. One of which is of course a Patrick and Elizabeth hook-up. Now, these RUMORS/FANFIC/SPOILERS can have some truth to them with a little too much imagination added in so tread carefully when reading. Remember, Patrick will find Robin in Rochester and see her with Brad in what he believes is an after they did the deed moment. These SPOILERS go onto say that when Robin returns to Port Chuck, she admits to her PPD but leaves the Brad part of the story out of it. Patrick knows his wife is keeping secrets. Will Robin tell Lainey about Brad? RUMORS say yes but here’s where the FANFIC may come in. It SEEMS these RUMORS have been taken a step further with Patrick seeking out his confidante Elizabeth and the pair going a little too far. Will they put the brakes on? The RUMORS say yes but they also say this happens during yet another blackout and the only blackout coming is when Helena returns.

Now, it’s at the GH re-opening party that NEW RUMORS have Patrick being named Chief of Staff of General Hospital. Excuse me? What? Monica just got the COS position and now they’re talking it away?


Casting calls… RUMORS of cast cuts, behind the scene peeps losing their jobs due to the economy and we have RUMORS of a casting call? Shock of all shocks, one of the RUMORED parts is for an older male while the other is in his 30’s. I’m not so sure about these RUMORS because of the mentioned cuts but also because the last thing GH needs is another male character let alone two. However, here’s a bone for the Sam fans, the older male MAY be Sam’s daddy. NOW, with Kelly Vegas bound most of the week, this MAY be a story coming down the road and it’s definitely one the fans have been calling for. Throw in the RUMBLES that Alexis is getting more screen time and this RUMOR has some possibilities.

Speaking of the cast cuts… There are still plenty of RUMORS out there and tons of SPECULATION as to what is exactly going on at Prospect Studios. The latest CHATTER has meetings happening all week while the studio has been dark to bring in the new sets. SUPPOSEDLY, some behind the scenes staff got cut and the RUMORS regarding cast cuts have dulled a bit but they’re still there. Some say Rebecca Herbst is still on contract, has already accepted a pay cut and that she actually signed a one year extension.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Remember the drop that Robin’s condition MAY put her life in danger? RUMORS say she MAY get behind the wheel with a little alcohol in her system. All those RUMORS that have Helena on the other end of Rebecca’s phone (which we really haven’t seen her with lately) now the LATEST is that will hear Granny Cassadine before we actually see her. Other Helena related GOSSIP: Ethan is also on her payroll and she MAY have a business associate in Jerry Jacks.