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Senta Moses: "I Wanted Winifred To Stand On Her Own. To Be A Geek In Her Own Right."

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Greek and General Hospital star Senta Moses visited with General Hospital Online Fan Site (GHOFS) about her role as Spinelli's (Bradford Anderson) new sidekick Winifred.


I wanted Winifred to stand on her own. To be a geek in her own right. Most of my research was about figuring out the technical stuff...the computer jargon. Don't tell anyone, but I'm not the most computer savvy person : ) As an actor, I feel that you can't act what you don't understand, so I made it my priority to look up everything that came out of my mouth, and really get what it meant. Beyond that, I have to say there's a little "Winifred" in me, so it wasn't hard to find. I do "geek" out about certain things, and there are people out there, that I would freak out around.

Read the entire interview at General Hospital Online Fan Site.

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