General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.20.09


These scoops can be a struggle, especially when you’re not happy with the show. Oh well here’s what’s out there…oh and it's friday so ask away.

More Scrubs… With the fans torn over how good or bad Robin’s post partum depression storyline is, is there too much Scrubs lately? There’s the kiss with Brad coming, the admittance of a problem and then what? A nanny, a helpful neighbor/friend oh and the shrink friend who comes over to “talk.” Throw in Kimberly McCullough’s vacation (three weeks) and one has to wonder, all this time devoted to Scrubs with one half of the pairing taking a vacay for three weeks will the story just sort of drop off our screens for a bit or are those OLD RUMORS true? Will Robin go away for treatment? Remember those RUMORS that had Patrick admitting Robin to Shadybrook? Was the story adjusted a bit to accommodate the vacation? I know Kim Mc delayed her vacation time originally for her co-star Jason Thompson. Robin will be telling Patrick most of the truth about her time in Rochester. She’ll tell him about her fake identity and lying about not being married or having a baby. When Lainey comes over, she can’t tell her friend what her troubles are and this SHOULD be when she once again takes off. Jason and Robin fans, this is where your scenes come in.

From the comments yesterday… Does Rebecca have cancer? Michael moves his hand giving Carly hope. Robin doesn't want to take meds to help her depression. A woman needs treatment after crashing her car with her child inside. Is Robin on the docks when something dire happens? When Robin returns from Rochester she admits there is something wrong but doesn't necessarily say she has PPD. Robin takes off again! Lainey comes over for "lunch" not really a patient-doctor thing and while Robin MAY be sharing her troubles with her friend, it looks like she clams up at some point. When she runs this time, is it to Jason? Elizabeth isn't the only one Patrick is confiding in... he also asks Carly some questions about her PPD and Robin is not happy to find that out.

NotEmily/Rebecca… Will she have cancer? SPOILERS have Rebecca finding a lump in her breast requiring her to have a mammogram and biopsy. That hand holding pic of NEM, it’s while Rebecca is awaiting the results of her tests. Nikolas offers to wait with her and she accepts. Of course this will bring back memories for Nikolas about Emily’s own battle with breast cancer as well as fueling his suspicions further about Rebecca’s possible connections to his dead fiancé. More dueling brothers coming and apparently, Nikolas and Lucky aren’t above having it out in the middle of a hospital. Classy. It’s after the scuffle with his brother that Nikolas overhears Rebecca’s plight and offers to wait with her.


Jason agrees to wear a wire to the mob summit and Johnny agrees to attend. Did this already happen? I’m a day behind on my GH… Jason SHOULD be sabotaging the wire as we all know what a good little lackey Jason is.

Will Jax tell Carly the truth?
He’ll “struggle” with deciding on what to tell his wife but so far all I got is that he tells her Jerry is still alive. Alive and returning to PC next month. Jax MAY be sitting bedside and confessing the truth to his comatose stepson. So Claudia confessed to Michael, Jax discusses his dilemma … aren’t there stories about coma patients remembering what people tell them? And remember, Michael has brain activity as we’ve seen as well as that hand moving soon.

We need another tally as I left Nikolas off the original list… Thanks to the poster who reminded me. Claudia in her stab induced delusion admitted to Nikolas that she put out the hit that put the bullet in Michael’s head. Nikolas, Johnny, Jerry, Kate and Ric currently know. Jax finds out then tells Olivia. The residents of Port Chuck need a crash course in secret keeping.


RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Kate wants Olivia to spill to Sonny but which secret I wonder? One CRAZY RUMOR has Brandon Barash leaving GH. This CRAZY RUMOR goes on to say that Johnny takes the fall for Michael’s shooting. Jerry’s return has Claudia’s secret blowing up. Will Michael’s “return” facilitate Dante’s arrival? Will Sam be her own client? Nikolas and Monica discuss their concern for Rebecca. NotEmily’s mysterious phone calls start back up.