The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Hey dolls! Sorry for the delay, mama had to get her hair done and as much as mama loves the kids, she's not about to cancel that bad boy! Some really great stuff's headed our way on The Young and the Restless.

While on the phone with Daniel, Jana and Michael, Amber ends up at the latest bank that Kevin's robbed when she hears gunshots. Amber ditches her phone and is unable to alert the gang about what's going on. She heads out to search for Kevin and she finds him with a bullet wound. Meanwhile the gang is at Crimson Lights terrified after hearing the gunshots ring out, which has Daniel and Michael dashing out to look for their loved ones. When the men wind up at the bank, a cop lets them know that the Chipmunk Bandit has struck again and Amber was spotted with Kevin. Kevin and Amber head back to a cabin and Amber figures out that Kevin is very far gone from reality. Kevin then tells Amber that his "dad" is forcing him to do things and Amber fills Kevin in on the harsh reality that Tom's dead. Kevin doesn't believe what Amber is saying, he thinks that Clint is his dad and goes off on Amber and locks her up in the closet with Clint's corpse! Amber is scared out of her mind because of her friend's mental state and also wonders if Kevin killed Clint. Amber tells Kevin that Clint is not his father and that Clint isn't "sleeping," as Kevin says he is. She tells Kevin that Clint's dead.


Kevin has an eerie calmness about him and then he whips out a chainsaw and tells Amber they have to make a coffin for him! The duo do so by using an armoire at the cabin. Frantic about her friend's stability, Amber talks to Kevin about Jana and tries to fill him in the great moments they've had and Kevin starts to revert back to normal. At that moment, they both hear a news bulletin that says Amber is Kevin's partner in crime, which has Amber flipping out. She tells Kevin they both need to head to the police to straighten things out, but unfortunately for her, Kevin once again loses it and whips out a gun and makes Amber get into the coffin! Kevin tells Amber that they will head to Canada so that Clint will not locate them. After they are long gone, Daniel and Michael arrive at the cabin and spot a dead Clint, along with Amber's bloody scarf. They find a message from her that lets them know that Kevin's gone off the deep end and he's on a robbing spree. Amber tries to cajole Kevin into calling Michael and have them turn themselves into the police, but Kevin flashes his gun and tells Amber that they are going to another bank. Amber's between a rock and a hard place. She knows that Kevin may snap and kill her if she doesn't go along with his plan, but also doesn't want to leave her friend by himself.

Paul (where the hell has he been?) and Nikki hatch a plot to prove that Kay's really who she says she is. They have a roadblock though, Jill! Paul comes up with the idea to have, "Kay's" body exhumed to prove that its not really her. Heather lets her dad and Nikki know that in order to do that they need Jill's permission. Heather spins a lie to Jill in order to get her over to the GCAC . When she shows up, Jill comes face to face with Paul and Nikki and they let her know that they want to exhume Kay's body to match her DNA to Jill's. Jill shoots the idea down because she truly thinks that her mother is dead and wants her to rest in peace. Nikki then goes to Victor for help and he unloads on Nikki for her even thinking that Kay's alive and that's too much for Kay to take because the grand dame goes off on Victor for speaking to Nikki in a harsh manner. That is all the proof Victor needs that his dear friend is in fact alive, only Katherine Chancellor can dress Victor down in that way.

With Victor on the bandwagon , he comes up with a deal that Jill cannot refuse, exhume Katherine's body and he will give her total control of Jabot. Jill tries to find out why Victor wants to do this but as usual the Black Knight doesn't reveal a thing to Jill so she decides to do it. "Kay's" body is taken to the M.E.'s office for the testing. While that is going on, Nikki and Kay start to ponder if Jill's really her daughter. Murphy pops by and shocks Kay by asking her to marry him and she agrees! Later on at Joe's diner, Jill and Kay have a showdown where both women are sure that once the test comes in it will prove what they are saying. As Jill waits at the medical examiner's office, she is positive that the results will come back and show that Kay's really dead and Marge is a con that she's been telling people about. What goes down next is something that fans aren't expecting.

Jill/Kay: Fans of the duo's famous brawls get ready because these two throw down at Billy and Chloe's wedding!

Mac: She returns with daddy Brock.

Cane: He has a proposition for his baby brother.

The lovebirds have a showdown over Sharon.