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All My Children Spoilers

Here are your SUPER-SPOILERS for the upcoming week and down the road! 3-20-09


Zach/Reese: Apparently dreams make one lesbian again as Reese encourages Zach to try to save his marriage to Kendall - as does Erica who faults Kendall for the problems in her marriage (uh, pot calling the kettle what?) - while she fights to win back Bianca. Is all hope gone for a "Rach" union? Yeah... Tamara Braun (Reese) will be exiting with Eden Riegel not long after her return. On Wednesday, Reese offers... get this... marital advice to Zach and Kendall. (Couldn't be any worse than Dr. Phil's could it?)

David: When not saving others' lives, David is making a mess of them. This week, the doctor blackmails a judge into charging Adam (who is in a Philadelphia hospital with a heart condition) with kidnapping. Erica saves the day when she gets rid of the crooked judge. Her ex-lover is none-too-pleased by this development.

Krystal: Newly crowned "Stepford Carey" tells David he should pursue custody of Little A, no matter what the cost.

Erica/JR: Erica gives JR the address where he can find his son. Krystal witnesses this. Expect an emotional reunion between father and son on Monday; later, JR decides to leave the country with Little A and is caught and arrested.

Little A: David is thrown for a loop when the judge makes a surprise decision in the custody of Little A; he awards temporary custody to Jesse and Angie.

Zach/Kendall: Zach tells Kendall that there is no quick fix to their marriage; she fears the marriage is over.

Opal: Opal gets tingly all over. Is it that time of month? Nah. She gets an eerie feeling about Greenlee. For good reason...

Greenlee: David employs Nurse Gayle to give Jake Greenlee's false DNA results. (Come back already will you, Rebecca!)

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Zach/Ryan: On Thursday, Zach and Ryan have a heated confrontation. Ryan lets Zach know he has gained control of Cambias and the casino.

Kendall: On Friday, Kendall realizes she must choose Ryan. When Zach serves her with divorce papers, the choice is that much easier, and Ryan comes out on top. (Literally, Ryan and Kendall make love again.)

Aidan/Zach: Zach informs Aidan, while at Cambias, that their deal is off. He delivers the message with a punch, ticked at Aidan for not telling him that Ryan and Kendall made love.

Ryan/Kendall: After Zach walks out on Kendall - again - she leaves a message with Ryan that she and is leaving town with their son, Spike, and Ian. She does so hoping he will stop her (so Kane-like). Ryan bites and stops Kendall from leaving. He wants to know if she wants him or Zach; Kendall chooses Ryan sending Zach into despair.

Ian: Kendall gets some alarming health news about Ian. Uh-oh. Could it be that Ian needs (another) sibling to provide him something necessary to live?

Frankie/Randi: That is the sound of wedding bells you hear. When Angie becomes too involved in the wedding preparations, an overwhlemed Frankie decides to take matters into his own hands. The young lovebirds have a small ceremony with a justice of the peace presiding, and Natalia,Taylor, Jesse, and Angie acting as witnesses. Their hopes for a romantic getaway are grounded when their plane has issues.

Brot/Taylor: Brot isn't a fan of marriage and informs Taylor of that. (Again this week I ask... isn't Beth Ehlers deserving of much better writing than this drivel?)

Liza: Jamie Luner has joined the cast as the new face of Liza, who returns as a lawyer no less. Expect her to interact with Zach states the New York Daily News. She also comes back to reclaim her daughter, Colby.

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