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Goldberg to Writer: "Anonymous Bitch!"

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Forget the motto of Don't Mess with Texas (sorry Jamey and Mel), you don't mess with Whoopi Goldberg. The View moderator went off on TV Guide Magazine writer Ingela Ratledge and What Not To Wear's, Stacy London for clowning her wardrobe choices and suggesting what she (Ratledge) thinks Goldberg should wear in the magazine. London took it a bit further by saying in the article, that due to Goldberg's clothing,

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You can't take her seriously.

Ouch!  Now I watched today's show and I'm just wondering how the hell I missed her reading the women for bashing her attire. Then I realized it happened at the very end of the show. See Goldberg in action at the 5:41 mark of the clip.. All I have to say is: CHURCH WHOOPI!