These Aren't Your Grandmother's Soap Operas...

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Once upon a time, before the days when sexist, ageist trolls ruled the Daytime Kingdom, and before the pervasive, asinine notion that younger viewers only want to watch young, bland models learn how to act, or not, on the front burners of daytime soap operas, there were interesting, romantic, compelling, stories that exemplified the very fact that true love— and sometimes true hate—comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and yes, age brackets. These clips from Another World, Santa Barbara,Days of Our Lives and General Hospital show soap opera seniors doing what they once did best— fight, love and pass on the torch to the generations to come.

You wanna know why this once multigenerational art form is in danger of going the way of the Dodo? The utter disregard for veterans is a good place to start.