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Clementine Ford Dishes Y&R With TV Guide Magazine

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The Young and the Restless newbie Clementine Ford, (Mac) sat down with TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan and discusses what fans should look forward to when Mac comes back to town.


TV Guide Magazine: 
Talk about bad timing! Mac, who’s been away doing relief work in Darfur, returns to town just as the love of her life, Billy, says “I Do” with Chloe. But that won’t stop a Billy-and-Mac reunion, right?

Ford: They split up when it turned out they were cousins but some new DNA tests [revealed at the wedding] show they’re not related. So I guess it’s obvious where this plot’s headed! [Laughs] When Mac gets the news, she’s going to be very hesitant to go back to Africa. Plus, Mac’s grandmother Katherine is back from the dead so she has another big reason to stay. It’s such a crazy whirlwind. I can’t imagine this stuff happening in real life. Pretty soon Mac will be, like, get me back to the genocide and the suffering!

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Ford also fills in the blanks on how she landed the role of the beloved granddaughter of Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper)

TV Guide Magazine: How’d you land this gig?

Ford: I’ve known Greg Rikaart[who plays Kevin] for years and have a sneaking suspicion he had something to do with this. He’s been so helpful to me. He said, “The great thing about soaps is that you can fumble one day and reinvent yourself the next.” And that’s good because, to be honest, I think I may have done some really bad acting the first week just trying to keep up. But I’m getting the swing of it now.