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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Hey Days fans, big week coming up in Salem! More Tony (Thaao Penghlis), the beginning of the Kiriakis/DiMera war, Sami brings home baby Grace from the convent, and uh oh.... Chloe is nauseous but who is the father? That's right, another who's the daddy storyline coming right up. All this and more, this week on the Preview from Denial Island (March 23 - 27).


Bo/Hope/Roman: Going to start with this because it's just bordering on the ridiculous. This week, Bo's visions tell him who the man in bed with Hope is. Wait for it, Roman. What? Yes, Roman. For the love of the soap gods, I have no idea why, but let's quickly move on. Hope knows something is bothering Bo, but he's not spilling; the problem is Bo sees Hope talking to Roman, something I'm sure she's done a million times before, but of course now its different. Gaws, put me out of my misery.

Kate/Chloe/Lucas: Kate arrives at Vegas too late to stop the marriage; she tries to convince Lucas and Chloe to have a big wedding but they say thanks, but no thanks. Kate moves onto Plan B - killing her newest daughter-in-law instead. Noone could ever accuse Kate of doing things by halves. Her next weapon of choice?  Poison, but will she risk it when she finds out Chloe's big news? What news? The pregnancy news! Yes fans, Chloe feels nauseous (ding! ding! ding!), checks her calendar and says oh crap, I knew those little pills were meant for something, guess I shoulda stopped shagging Daniel long enough to take them. Now I'm pregnant and I don't know who my baby's daddy is... new hubby Lucas, or ex-lover Daniel. Strap yourselves in folks.

Sami/Rafe:  Safe fans be happy - your couple shares a kiss this week, right before they go to get Grace.  But how is Sami going to explain Grace to the rest of Salem?  Apparently the rest of Salem is going to buy her story about adopting the little girl.  Because Sami doesn't have enough children already, she needs to adopt another one... come on Salemites! This is Sami!  Rafe is more than a little uncertain about bringing Grace home, but in the middle of fighting with Sami about it, he kisses her.  Sami shows her appreciation by asking Rafe to be Grace's godparent - I'm surprised she didn't just convince him to pretend to be the baby's father and be done with it!

Nicole: Aghh! Freak out time! Tony knows her secret and he's going to tell EJ, noooooo! Time for drastic measures, methinks, and some alcohol. That's right, vodka shaking martini Nicole is back, woot! I've missed her. Alright, so desperate Nicole enlists personal slave Brady (where has all that integrity he used to have gone?), telling him Tony knows their secret and she needs his help. Brady obliges by distracting Tony (surely he doesn't know that's what he's doing?) allowing Nicole to do a little breaking and entering at Tony's to find the Alternative Fuels Project blueprints/plans he's only just acquired from Melanie. Unfortunately for Nicole, they're gone. That's not the worst of it, mummy Mia is still hanging around like a bad smell (at least to Nicole), and Nicole has to tell her that Tony knows Sydney is her child. What will Mia do?

Philip/Tony: The really interesting story of the week as far as I'm concerned. Philip has meeting #1 with Tony and is unsuccessful in persuading him to a) sell him back the Alternative Fuel Plans and b) go into business together. Then Philip gets the pink slip from Daddy K once again over the whole shenanigans, and vows to get the plans back from Tony no matter what. Cut to meeting #2 - Tony refuses to heed Philip's requests and the two end up in a fist fight. Which doesn't end well for Tony. In the meantime, Nicole shows up and witnesses what happens next. Tony falls over and get's pierced in the back with some wood. Ok, so that is a pretty pathetic way to get taken out, come on! Philip yells at Nicole to ring 911, but she doesn't want to. Tony being dead would solve all her problems. She calls EJ instead and then leaves the scene, leaving Philip stressing over what she'll say happened. Which is nothing. Now not only is Philip without the fuel plans and without a job, but he's also now a suspect in Tony's accident and on the DiMera hitlist. Bring it on!

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Brady: Interacts with a multitude of characters this week. Starts off by meeting Rafe (Passions fans unite!) and realising the guy has a major crush on Sami. Then he has a few scenes with Daniel (who's pining for Chloe), before Nicole calls and asks him to help her. Then Brady catches up with Philip and learns of his uncle's firing from Titan. Is Brady top dog at Titan now?

Max/Chelsea/Stephanie: Max impresses Chelsea when he connects with Theo, maybe she'll change her mind about the adoption thing, but probably not. She and Stephanie decide to move into their own apartment, but when Chelsea tells Bo, she notices he seems distracted and bothered ("seeing" your brother and wife get it on in a flash-forward would do that to you) and wonders what's wrong.

In Other, Shorter Storylines:

  • Maggie (yes, Maggie scenes!) understands what Daniel has done for Chloe
  • Sami tells EJ and Stefano about the adoption
  • Kate apologizes to Daniel.

Coming Up Next Week (March 30 - April 3):

  • Stefano confronts Nicole
  • Kate wants to learn to forge Daniel's signature... hmm intriguing...
  • Does Tony manage to tell EJ the truth before it's too late?

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the TFO Days forum.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: Special shoutout to any new readers! Thanks for reading!