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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.23.09


It’s gonna be a quickie… I love Monday morning work piles!

Claudia needs a plan to get Ric off her back… What’s her plan for Nikolas, Jax, Olivia, etc.? And is she just another Carly when it comes to her plans? They all seem to blow up in her face as well. You can take the girl out of Carly but you can’t take the Carly out of the girl.

Will Sonny be the one to get through to Robin? Remember the good old days when Sonny solved every problem for all of PC? SPOILERS say Sonny tells Robin to take her anti-depression medication.

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Of course there is more Scrubs drama to come. What about Elecktrick? Sorry, I can’t get with Piz, sounds too much like bodily fluids. There is some CHATTER out there about a possible Patrick and Elizabeth pairing and Luke had to go and do one of his polls. Yes, Elizabeth will be a friend to Patrick and Robin both as she will be helping them take care of Emma. RUMORS have Robin possibly going away ala Carly’s post partum storyline and this COULD be to facilitate Kimberly McCullough’s vacation.

May Sweeps/Summer Story… Is it all about Michael Corinthos? RUMOR has it that once Mikey wakes up; he’s going to get a good portion of the story. Throw in a rebellious little sister and it’s looking like a Corinthos centric summer and there are plenty of RUMORS out there. Kristina is going to be a handful and Michael MAY want nothing to do with either of his parents. Will he turn to the Q’s? Will Michael turn away from Jason too?

Hells Bells… Helena’s back and wrecking havoc on her own kin. Such a Cassadine thing to do. What about Spencer, you know the kid Nikolas has yet the writers seem to forget he exists? RUMOR has it Spencer will get a mention; Nikolas will send him out of PC to get him far far away from crazy granny.

Holly’s coming back too… The ASSUMPTION/STORY is that Holly is Ethan’s mother and the CHATTER will tell you that Tony Geary has been pushing for Ethan to be his son. Do TPTB have a different plan? RUMORS had the writers having a different plan from the get go and this boy was SUPPOSED to be a Scorpio. Then the RUMOR MILL said he’d be a Spencer, now I’m seeing that Ethan COULD be a Scorpio after all. Does anyone else’s head hurt? Let me help the writers out… As much as I respect Mr. Geary, he is sorely mistaken in thinking it is a good idea to make Ethan a Spencer. Make him a Scorpio or get him off my screen.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Do you hear voices when you have post partum? Is Dante still on the table? RUMORS say yes and there MAY be something in the Kristina – Michael mess that involves their big brother. Alexis turns to her BFF for help with her wayward daughter. Will Kate let Olivia’s secret out? IF Ric bites the big one… who should be holding the smoking gun? CRAZY RECAST RUMOR… Zander Smith! Anyone want to see a Zander return? This RUMOR pops up every once in awhile, will Claudia’s mother come to PC? Ethan and Lulu are RUMORED to swap spit. Let’s hope he’s not her brother. Claudia knows that Jax knows. Maxie does not like that Spinelli and Winnifred will be continuing their work together. Whatever happened to Lady Jane getting remarried? Those RUMORS are making their way around again. JoMax… busted?