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Giving Up Soaps, Harder Than One Thinks?

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TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco
is detoxing from soaps, but he's having trouble giving up The Young and the Restless. Find out more in this week's Nelson Ratings.


 I couldn’t last two days without watching Y&R. In my defence, it’s a little difficult to avoid a fantastic show that basically airs in Canada during the prime-time hours, but to be honest, I couldn’t live without the intimate journeys of Katherine, Victor, Nikki, Ashley, Gloria, Amber, Daniel, and my poor little Pinocchio, Kevin Fisher. So sue me.

This brings up a topic I often wonder about. How hard is it for soap fans to stop watching soaps cold turkey? Is it possible to just stop watching your show or do you find yourself getting sucked back in? 

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Have you tried giving up soaps? If so, how did it go for you?