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A Truce At Ojai Foods, How Long Will It Last?

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Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) figured out a way to get around Holly and save her brother Tommy (Balthazar Getty) on Sunday's Brothers & Sisters. She's returning to Ojai Foods. At the Ojai board meeting Holly (Patricia Wettig) shocked Sarah and Nora (Sally Field) by revealing that she would not be testifying against Tommy and that she was withdrawing her opposition.  Afterwards Sarah went into Holly's office to find out why Holly had a change of heart. Holly told Sarah that she always had Ojai's best interest at heart and Sarah is apart of that.


For the first time I couldn't tell if Holly was being gracious or if she has an evil trap up her sleeve and is just waiting for the right time. Knowing how these two women go after one another I can't help but wonder if the truce will last. What do you think?

How long will the truce last?

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