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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I really hate what they're doing with Robin and Patrick. I know soap couples need to have their problems, but they've barely been happy longer than a minute and they're already dealing with issues. Seeing as they're my only couple right now, I just get so frustrated that they've turned Robin into someone that behaves this way, post partum or not.

I don't like that Liz and Patrick seem to be getting cozier because of this either. I don't want a Scrubs break up nor do I want a Patrick/Liz hook up. Didn't I hear Patrick say that Mac was going to Rochester to get Robin? How did Patrick know which room Robin would be in since she likely checked in under the name Nancy.

Ric/Claudia: Am I weird that I found Friday's scene, when he holds the DVD to her neck like a knife, kind of hot? Having said that, and despite my deep, deep love for all things Ric, I don't understand why someone like Claudia would allow herself to be blackmailed like this. She's a crazy woman from a mob family who has tons or resources and apparently, tons of money. Why doesn't she hire someone to take out Ric (and Kate) since both of them know the truth? It doesn't ring true to me that Claudia would cower when cornered like this.

Sonny/Jason: So, am I to understand that Sonny knew about the wire and that the two of them actually pre-taped some boring coffee conversation for Rayner to hear and all that stuff in the living room wasn't what Rayner was actually listening to?

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Spin/Winn/Sam: I'm still hating the story and I hate that they're portraying the FBI as so lax that anyone can get into a high ranking agent's office and do anything on his computer and no one is the wiser. Are there not any security cameras in a federal building?

Maxie/Lulu: Interesting conversation and I actually saw both sides for a change

CarJax: I don't understand why he wouldn't tell her the truth about the DVD.