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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.24.09


Are my Lucky – Rebecca dreams being crushed before my very eyes? Remember there is still much more to Rebecca’s story including a does she have cancer storyline for the Emily look-a-like that has the Q’s and Nikolas wondering just how Rebecca MAY be connected to Emily. Also, there’s that pesky Helena RUMOR. Is Rebecca working for the crazy granny?

Robin and Sonny scenes coming up. As I mentioned yesterday, Sonny MAY be the one who gets through to Robin and convinces the struggling mother to take her anti-depression medication. If you’re a fan of the Robin-Sonny friendship, the scenes SHOULD be good.

Paranoia hits the already Post Partum mom. Robin doesn’t like how close Patrick is getting to Elizabeth and how dependent he and Emma are on the neighbor. Is this where all that Patrick – Elizabeth SCOOP came from? Sometimes SPOILERS get taken a little too far by the fans and we get RUMORS of a hook-up that MAY not be in the cards. But can the fans reaction to a RUMOR give the writers an idea? Will Patrick plant one on Elizabeth? RUMORS have said he will and IF it happens, Elizabeth is said to pull away and remind Patrick that he’s hurt and “acting out” because of it. Kimberly McCullough is going on a three week vacation. Some scenes were pre-taped but Jason Thompson just returned from his vacay so I would ASSUME their scenes MAY lessen a bit. There’s still that RUMORED brush with death and as I asked yesterday, are hallucinations a symptom of Post Partum? What about the “brush with death?” Will Patrick question if it was really an accident? Is that where the Robin attempts suicide RUMORS came from?

Those RUMORED Liason scenes… Are they about what’s going on in Jason’s world? EARLY RUMORS had the former lovers discussing Sam and Spinelli but will Elizabeth confide in Jason about Robin and Patrick and her fears that she’s overstepping?

Is Jason the fourth? We mentioned the super P.I. team of Spinelli, Winnie and Sam and at that time there was some CHATTER that a fourth person MAY be joining in. Is it Jason? RUMORS have the mob enforcer joining the threesome on a “caper.”


When Holly returns… Tracy is not happy. Bobbie sighting? Is this the over 40 part of the spoiler blog? Bobbie SHOULD have some screen time about her grandson. Tracy has a talk with her hubby about scamming her family with his latest sidekick and Holly, well Tracy is not going to like Luke’s ex-lover being in town.

Why is Ethan in Maxie and Lulu’s apartment? Why is Ethan still on my screen? Why? Why? Why? Johnny won’t like Ethan hanging around Lulu and Lulu will not like Maxie getting her flirt on with Ethan. Will Ethan and Lulu kiss? Will Johnny and Lulu end? Will the show that never wrote triangles now have more than ever? RUMORS have JoLu ending, Ethan and Lulu engaging in some fun and Maxie reporting back to Johnny that Lulu has moved on. Here’s to hoping that Ethan is not a Spencer cause YUCK is all that is in my head right now. Incest is not best. OH and Lulu catches her roommate and boyfriend in a lie.

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GH in HD. They started filming this week in HD so in about three weeks check out your favorite mobsters in high definition. The cast also started filming on the new sets this week.

Could Ric Lansing be saved? He lands in the hospital and what do Maxie and Johnny have to do with it? RUMOR has it that as it stands now, the character of Ric is being killed off. Lately, GH has been getting some not so great press and the fans are not happy with the current state of the show. Add in that Rick Hearst’s fan club president encouraged fans to write and call in support of both Rick and Greg Vaughan and Ric Lansing COULD be staying in Port Chuck after all. We’ll see what the big man says when he pees on his next tree. But what lands Ric Lansing in a hospital bed? Karma perhaps? RUMORS say Lansing is drugged. Is this when Sonny finds his brother passed out in his wife’s bed? Remember, Ric offers to nail Jason for Rayner but the Fed wants both Sonny and Jason. Then there’s the hit that Ric warns Sonny about and Jason isn’t too keen on trusting Lansing. Is Sonny? Will Jason make a threat?


Alexis getting dusted off… I mentioned last week, maybe two weeks ago that Nancy lee Grahn is taping more. Kristina’s SORAS’ing and rebellious teen story SHOULD get the mom some screen time but it will also be some Sam stuff that has Alexis on our screens more. IF Ric does die, look for Alexis to get the attention she didn’t get when Jerry was presumed dead.

Michael’s reawakening… Remember Robin SHOULD factor into this story. How will Michael’s story and Robin’s PPD mesh? Michael wakes up late April and his story goes into May as part of Sweeps. Robin’s PPD SHOULD be wrapped up by then.


Jax and his bedside confession. Jax talks to Michael about what he’s learned and what to do with the info. Jax was RUMORED to tell Olivia but is it really Kate he goes to? Will Kate tell Jax that she’s known the truth? Claudia SHOULD figure out that Jax knows.

Carly hasn’t given up… despite what Patrick says, a mother knows her own son.