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BLIND ITEM: Will a Usual Soap-spect Soon Be Helming a Pair of Troubled Soaps?

Spotted: A veteran network daytime executive interviewing for a position with a network whose soap lineup is in trouble. The former exec-in-question has quite the controversial reputation. He or she alllegedly left her last post due to constant clashes with the executive producers of the soap operas under his or her jurisdiction. 


This exec never made it easy for fans to to like him or her. The person was known for slashing veteran contracts and making insensitive comments in the press when beloved actors were forced off one of his or her soaps. So riddle me this: What would be the point of bringing yet another Usual Soap-spect back into the fray? One soap was already cancelled under this person's watch. Isn't the daytime lineup of the network that reportedly interviewed this individual already receiving enough bad press? Why do something else to make fans, for a lack of a better word, angry?

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