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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.25.09


I’ve been asking for days now what’s Claudia’s plan. I mean she’s Carly 1.0 and don’t all Carlys have a plan? Now most Carly plans blow up in that Carly’s face so I would ASSUME so would Claudia’s. But what’s the plan? We know she drugs Ric and Sonny almost sees his passed out brother. Is there where Johnny and Maxie come in? Does Johnny help big sis out and since Lulu is so against Johnny’s birthright, will he turn to Maxie for assistance? So there is plan one, already blowing up in Claudia’s face. Everyone has a Plan B, don’t they? Does Claudia’s involve a baby? While Claudia’s scheming will she also get busted by Carly? RUMORS have Claudia paying another visit to Michael and getting caught.

Carly already has suspicions where her hubby is concerned. He’s hiding something from her and it’s more than his dead brother is really alive. Remember, Claudia will learn that Jax knows her secret. Surely this spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for CarJax.

NotEmily needs a biopsy and good thing she has a stalker to encourage her to go through with the procedure. Are they abandoning the triangle? What could be gold and give Greg Vaughan something to do seems to be going to the wayside. Is it a case of too much for the new character or another Frons dictated reunion of Nikolas and Emily? A good soapy triangle is what this show needs and if NotEmily turns out to be RealEmily, even better.

It LOOKS like Johnny and Lulu are coming to an end. Sorry for their fans but I’m ready for these two characters to move on. Unfortunately for Lulu, it SEEMS she’s moving in Ethan’s direction which actually is unfortunate for me since I cannot stand the character of Ethan. Here’s to hoping Ethan is not a Spencer as this fan will not be able to handle that ICK factor.

With JoLu ending what happens to Spixie and does this mean JoMax is around the corner? Spixie SHOULD have some angst courtesy of Winnie and Maxie’s inability to handle the female version of Spinelli taking the Jackal’s attention away from the Maxinista. She’ll be a helpful friend to Johnny but does that spell love match for the pairing? I’m still torn. I love the good guy getting the girl and Spixie’s dynamic is undeniable but so is the heat that is JoMax.

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Johnny… More so than his pairing and/or possible pairing, where does the character go from here? They’ve had him so entrenched in Lulu’s story what’s a mob prince with no mob to do? Will he go home? Is the Z Family mansion still around?

Like a good Quartermaine, Tracy scams her own family. EARLY RUMORS had Tracy finding out that Luke and Ethan were going to put the squeeze on Edward and the LATEST has Tracy and Luke scamming the Q’s.

Still seeing… The end of Ric Lansing. SAID to be happening this May. Ric wants revenge on Claudia for drugging him. Like I said yesterday, karma and ain’t it a bitch?

Jason and Sam locking lips? RUMORS have it happening at the penthouse and Maxie catches a glimpse. Another RUMOR says not so fast JaSam fans. Kelly’s Peepshow only allows for her to tape GH one to two days a week making it somewhat difficult to give her a lengthy storyline.


CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Jason threatens to kill Ric if he’s holding info regarding Michael’s shooting. Robin is not sure she really wants to be a mom. Ethan stealing from Crimson? Robin takes her anti-depression medication. More returns coming? You may have missed this in the comments but a SORAS’d Morgan SHOULD be coming as well.