Will Babs Leave Sherri and Elisa-Blah To Their Own Devices on The View?!

Oh say it ain't so! Gossip rags and sites are saying Brian Frons' saving grace Barbara Walters may be calling it quits! Personally, I think she's about five years late on making this move. Walters, 79, was once one of the most revered journalists of all time, and a pioneer for women in the field, now she's basically Mrs. Garrett to an ever-revolving door of mean-spirited, and/or ill-informed Blairs, Natalies, Tooties and Jos.

As much fun as it is to wait around to see which co-host of The View Babs will force out next, creating a whirlwind of she said/she said drama, I'd actually like to see this woman, whom I once respected, end her career with what's left of her dignity in tact. Whoopi is more than capable of taking off her shoe and chunking it to hit Elisabeth in the head when her close-minded yammering gets to be too much, or tricking Sherri to sing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to herself whenever the rest of them are talking about foreign affairs. Whoopi can also make sure Joy's coffee is laced with enough estrogen to keep her from tackling Ann Coulter on the desk and holding her in a headlock until Bill Geddie calls for the commercial break, or split screen whenever the Republican firebrand stops by for coffee talk. 


So what do you think, is Babs really checking out, or is her camp leaking retirement rumors to get Mickey Mouse to pony up more cash?