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B&B Spoilers

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Coming up are some interesting times for Rick – hopefully, more interesting than the interminable uncle/niece love affair. He’ll be putting Ridge in a difficult position in exchange for keeping quiet about Thomas. He’ll be receiving an insincere apology from Thomas when Rick decides not to go to the police. He’ll also be giving Steffy an engagement ring, which will rub Ridgiculous up the wrong way, but Brooke will be happy for the twosome.


Stephanie will be distraught when Donna unknowingly creates a ruckus between her and Eric. They’re going to be arguing over Rick and Steffy, which will lead to Eric throwing Stephanie out of Forrester Creations. She’ll reminisce about her newlywed days with Eric, and receive unexpected advice from Nick. I wish she’d just rip Eric or Donna a new one. That dumbass skank Donna is no match for the Stephmonster.

Owen is going to be moving over to Jackie M. He’ll also be sharing a kiss with Bridget. Rumor is, he may have flirtations (or more) with Jackie in the future. Sounds like he could be heading for a “pretend” romance with Wacky Jackie.

Jackie and Owen are both going to be moving. Could they end up together? I doubt it, but you never know with this soap. Personally, I would love to see Owen’s character fleshed out a bit more, and for Bridget to properly connect (and boink) with him. But, are the writers capable? I’m not sure, and that ticks me off, because I think there is a lot of wasted potential on this show. Opportunities are being missed every episode – instead, we get the same recycled crap, week in, week out. Would a tiny bit of exposition about Bridget and Owen’s relationship do us any harm? Apparently, it would, because all we get is Sick (AKA Steffy and Rick) 24/7. Hell, I am sick to my stomach watching that junk. (Sorry about the rant if you were just looking for spoilers!)

As well as kissing Owen, Bridget is going to be surprised at Eric’s response to her new designing job over at Jackie M.

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Nick and Jackie research the history of Forrester Creations to try and get the upper hand.

Another rumor is that Stephanie and Jackie will spend more time in scenes together. I hope this is true – Susan Flannery and Lesley Anne Down can knock it out of the park on a daily basis, unlike some of the other “performers” on this show.

Rick, Steffy, Bridget and Thomas are the ones RUMORED to be taking the show forward as the younger generation. To be honest, the Tridge kids are not impressing me with their acting chops, but hey – it’s all subjective. I do think Kyle Lowder is doing great with the crappy scripts he gets. I love Ashley Jones too, but she’s not been on much – hopefully once her stint on True Blood comes to an end then we’ll see more of Budge.

In addition to Joanna Johnson’s upcoming two-day appearance (April 28/29), rumor is she could possibly return for a longer stint in July.