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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I love Ric to death, but I hate when they make him smarmy against Jason. I know it won’t end well because my Ric can never win and stupid Jason always has to. Plus, I really hope that Ric has made out his will with the stipulation that should something happen to him (like death or mysterious disappearance) that the DVD should be seen by Alexis or someone who can take down Claudia. His power over Claudia with the DVD will not be taken lightly by the dark mistress for too long.

I love Patrick to death and I get that he’s pissed, but he does not have the best attitude towards a woman who has finally admitted that she’s sick. I know I’m going to get clobbered by the anti-Robin fans. Like I say, I’m a Robin fan first, a Patrick/Scrubs fan second and maybe that skewers my thinking a little, but he just came across like a total asshat with his snarkiness to her. Maybe he should wait until she’s better before being so annoyed.

Also, why did he need Liz to come over to take care of Emma if he was home for the night? At least he took the stick out of his butt long enough to apologize to Matt for being a dufus.

I loved that they let poor Lainie out of the closet for the day. Girl is looking gorgeous these days.

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Kill me now, but I liked the Robin/Jason scene on the docks. Normally I hate when it’s Saint Jason to the rescue, but in this case it would make sense that she reached out to him, so I was fine with it.

I liked the idea of the McCall/Jackal PI firm until it became the McCall/Jackal/Leeds firm. Gah, I want them to get rid of Winifred so badly. I also wish someone would yank those braids out of her hair. Seriously, how many adults get up each day, put braids in their hair and go off to a serious job?

I'm not sure I understand what Tracy is up to. Is she pulling a con on Luke? Is Ethan in on it? Is Edward? Should I care?

I hate Nik and Lucky fighting over NotEmily and I loved that Liz called Rebecca out on her eavesdropping.