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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.26.09


More Scrubs Drama… Is Robin trying to hurt herself or did the Post Partum mom just take a spill off the docks? RUMORS have Robin “seeing” things and then taking a spill into the harbor. She’s rushed to Mercy but did she try to take her own life? Eventually Scrubs SHOULD be back on track, there will be a lot of off roading along the way. Buckle yourselves in Scrubs fans; it SHOULD be a bumpy ride.

Maybe we should chat about yesterday’s episode first.Belinda and Karen from Wubs had me dreading my GH viewing time, both telling me it was beyond boring. Now, I have not been GH’s biggest cheerleader lately but I wasn’t that bored yesterday. Maybe it was because my expectations were already so low. I’m not saying it was a great episode but there were moments that I enjoyed. Let me preface this by saying I was never a Jason and Robin fan. At that time, I was simply a Jason fan and really had no attachment to any of his pairings. BUT, I did enjoy Robin and Jason’s scenes on the docks. I still had my gripes about the PPD storyline however it was nice to see Robin finally find someone she could confide in. Some fans are upset with how Patrick is reacting to Robin’s PPD. I’m not. He’s stressed and worried and that can make even the best person with the best intentions come across like an ass. Loved seeing Lainey. How gorgeous is Kent Masters King? Ethan, Edward, Luke, Tracy… that bored me, to tears. Claudia and company, eh, liked seeing Ric and his evil plotting ways, but this whole storyline needs to pick up the pace.

Since I enjoyed the Jason and Robin scenes yesterday… I’m happy to say it looks like there are more to come. After Robin is admitted to Mercy it APPEARS Patrick brings her therapist to her room for an impromptu therapy session. Will she take off again? I’m not sure if she’s released or if she just leaves but Robin is RUMORED to make her way back to the docks where she has a counseling session of her own with Jason. Now, I used to hate it when Sonny was everyone’s discount therapist and I’m not a fan of Jason being everyone’s hero. However, in this case and with their history, it works for me. Will Patrick see Robin in an embrace with her ex? What will that do to the already struggling husband who still thinks his wife cheated on him in Rochester?

What about Elizabeth? Liz fans are worried that their girl is getting a bad fit into the Scrubs storyline and I’m sure most Scrubbies hate on my girl right now. Especially with all the GOSSIP out there. There MAY be a park scene coming up where Robin, in hopes to make an attempt at some progress, heads to the park to meet Emma and Patrick. When she arrives, she sees Patrick, Elizabeth and the kids together. Robin leaves without being seen.


Too much Scrubs? Hey at least it’s not the mob, right? But why all the Scrubs attention? In my humble opinion, the Post Partum storyline is not as well written as it should be and really a little research goes a long way. My frustration stems more so from the lack of knowledge gained during Robin’s pregnancy as an HIV positive woman to now sitting through what SHOULD be a great social storyline being clouded by too much soap insertion. Am I making any sense? Back to my question though, why so much Scrubs? Could it be that both Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson have contracts coming up soon?

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That RUMORED JaSam kiss… When it’s happening, I’m not sure. BUT just because it’s SUPPOSED to be coming, it doesn’t mean Jason and Sam still won’t get a slower build-up.

Lulu knows Johnny and Maxie are hiding something from her. Maxie promises Johnny she’ll keep her trap shut about helping him ditch a drugged Ric at the hospital. Ric has revenge on the mind after Claudia’s latest attempt to shut him up. Watch who you threaten though Ric and make sure her brother isn’t around when you do it. Is there more Lulu vs. Maxie coming?

Jax and Carly visit Michael together. The guilt is written all over Jax’s face. Michael’s hand moves and Patrick insists it’s just a reflex. Sonny doesn’t want to dampen Carly’s hopes when she tells him about Michael. Is another risky procedure in Michael’s future? SPOILERS say Jason finds Carly at the warehouse where Michael was shot on the one year anniversary of the shooting. Morgan is getting aged. He SHOULD be between 12 and 14 years old.


Olivia… I was a fan of hers. Now she’s in the “Why is this character here?” boat. At least she’s not alone. It looks like Olivia is advising Jax to stay mum on Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting. Why? What does Olivia have to gain?

From the comments yesterday:

CRAZY RUMOR? FANFIC? Taking the Claudia tries to get knocked up RUMORS too far? These RUMORS have been around for a while. They were the only plausible reason for why Sonny would allow Claudia to live SHOULD the truth get out. At that time, a baby on the way SEEMED to be the only logical explanation. And of course with her sleeping with both Sonny and Ric in close proximity (time wise) surely a Who's the Daddy storyline was in our future. Right? Yep! Well, yep IF the LATEST is true. Now, some of this MAY be classic exaggeration but what the hell this show isn't that good anyways.

So Claudia's plan MAY include a bun in the oven to save her butt. Who's the Daddy? Ric whom she nailed the morning of the toxic ball crap... 25 days to tell 1 day (sorry I'm still not over it) and then slept with her husband shortly after. So is it Ric's? Is it Sonny's? Is there even a baby? Throw in Sarah Brown's 1 year extension and we have to wonder, is a baby storyline even possible? Then we have the RUMORS that Rick Hearst is leaving and one RUMOR has Johnny offing his father's former attorney. What IF Claudia is preggers and in classic GH form she loses the baby the same way Carly 1.0 lost her baby with Sonny? Take out AJ and insert Ric with a shove down some stairs and its bye bye baby.

How does Johnny fit in? Well he's never cared for Ric, especially Claudia's relationship with him. Now he's blackmailing her and if he's the one to give the shove, well little brother wants payback.