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James Scott on EJ: "This Guy Is Not This Stupid.”

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For those of you who think Days of Our Lives' EJ (James Scott) has become pretty dumb lately, you aren't alone. According to James Scott - in an interview with Michael Fairman - EJ shouldn't be this stupid either.

MICHAEL: Does it ever feel to you that the writers dummy down EJ?

JAMES: Well, there have certainly been times when I have said to the producers, “Look, this guy is not this stupid.” Nobody is, and we have to try to make some changes, and it’s complicated. On the one hand, they want to tease the story without giving it away, and more often than not, they want to tease it to the person who doesn’t know where the stakes are highest, and he finds out. Yet, he does not find out for a little while. It’s a very thin line, and quite a lot of the skill of good soap opera is knowing how to dangle that just far enough away for one character, so that he or she won’t look like a complete idiot!

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