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Soap Highlights From Around The Web

Check out this roundup of great soap related content from around the web.


Blind Item: A veteran network daytime executive interviewing for a position with a network whose soap lineup is in trouble. (Daytime Confidential)

It's Guiding Light mania as Deep Soap reports on the show's Florida remote. Check out interviews with Otalia and half of the Four Musketeers. (Deep Soap at Fancast)

Michael Fairman's trip to the Sunshine State with the cast of Guiding Light featuring Otalia, Purple Power and James Spaulding. (Michael Fairman Soaps)

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Recasts are often very hard to swallow. And with the latest recast coming to Pine Valley in the form of Liza Colby, things are sure to get interesting. Take a look back at some of the recasts that worked, and some that didn't. (The Pine Valley Bulletin)

The Serial Drama girls are characteristically ranty, including finding All My Children's awfulness absolutely baffling. (Serial Drama)

Check out the Kimberly McCullough, Jason Thompson, and Scrubs-related recaps and pictures that came out of the 'Rock The Soap' cruise last weekend. (The Scrubs Hub)

Daytime Emmy winner Judi Evans reflects on her many years on the soaps and updates us on what she's doing now in his new interview. (We Love Soaps)

Sunday Surgery: It's the Extras that Matter!  (

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