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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Greetings kids! Action is headed our way on The Young and the Restless!


Katherine/Jill: Its official, former enemies turned mother and daughter are NOT related! The saga unfolds when Jill of all people gives the idea to Nikki when the latter pushed for another DNA test. Jill denies this request and tells Nikki to have Brock come back in town for the testing. Nikki loves the idea and brings it up to Katherine. This is delightful for Katherine because she knows that Brock will prove who she's been saying she is, but at the same time, Katherine's also scared to have the test because it means that Jill will no longer be her daughter.

Katherine would love for them to keep their relationship as is, even though they've had fights the ladies still had some good times. Katherine will miss the close relationship they've created. Meanwhile, Jill is rejecting the thought of not being Katherine's daughter but as time goes on, it starts to look that way and Jill is very hurt and starts to act out in anger. Brock comes to town and he heads to Murphy's trailer where he sees the woman in question and knows that she is his mother. Mother and son share a heartfelt reunion and Katherine knows that she doesn't have to go all out to prove who she says she is to Brock.

Viewers will also find out why Katherine's memory has been lapsing. Brock knew about his mother's memory loss before her "death" and starts thinking she may have Lyme Disease. Sure enough, once Katherine gets tested she finds out that she has the disease. Brock phones Jill and implores her to face the truth, that Katherine is alive despite what the previous tests showed. There is an emotional moment that Brock and Jill share and she finally relents and wants to see Katherine. The peaceful moment doesn't last thanks to Jill. When she learns of Katherine's Lyme Disease, Jill being Jill thinks that it is all a hustle and starts to spew rude things at Murphy (no that hoe didn't!). Katherine becomes disgusted by Jill's behaviour and unleashes her fury at Jill only the way Katherine can. That's when it dawns on Jill...It really is Katherine!

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The realization hits Jill like a ton of bricks and it disturbs her. Things take another nasty turn when Jill orders Katherine to stay clear of Billy's wedding and Katherine vetos it. When Billy's wedding day arrives, Jill becomes a bundle of nerves. The test results are due that same day and she throws back quite a number of mimosas! Katherine comes to Billy's wedding and the all the anxiety snaps when Nikki arrives at the reception with the results of Brock and Katherine's DNA testing. Jill starts to become very bitchy and starts hurling insults until Katherine finally puts her foot down and tells her to knock it off and swipes her hand and we all know what goes down after that.

Billy: The walls seem to be closing in on the playboy when Chloe tells him she wants a splashy wedding at the Chancellor mansion. Billy nearly bites Chloe's head off for coming up with that idea, but Chloe keeps on pestering him on that idea until he finally cracks on why he doesn't want to get hitched there. Billy tells her that he married Mac there! The poor guy has a hard time with Chloe's request, but he finally relents. Later on, Billy's watching Delia and he starts to have pre-wedding jitters because he has an idea on what being married would be like, him at home with Delia while Chloe's out shopping. Billy loves Delia, but he's not too keen in the idea of Chloe being his spouse. Later on Billy dreams of being married to Mac, as if things had worked in their favor, and he loves that dream. Cane swings by Billy's and starts to grill Billy about giving up the single life for diapers and late night feedings. Cane then tries to bribe Billy by saying he'll get CEO at Jabot if he gives up Delia.

Billy rips Cane and throws him out of the house. At the rehearsal dinner, Jack and Chloe rope Sharon into being Chloe's matron of honor! The entire thing makes Billy uncomfortable. Things nosedive at the dinner when Jill and Chloe get into a bitching match and everyone else at the dinner does as well. Billy tries to calm everyone and when nobody acknowledges him he flips out. Billy ends up at a bar and bumps into Sharon and the duo end up back in the sack. The nuptials for Billy and Chloe are the following day. At the Chancellor estate, Billy's the picture of calmness on the outside, but in his mind he's freaking out. The wedding ceremony hits a few bumps and the guests want to have a tiny break, but Billy wants to go full steam ahead! Billy is hell bent on going though with the ceremony because he knows he'll bolt if there is the slightest delay.

Jack and Ashley: Big bro and lil' sis get the axe at Jabot by Jill. She gets a kick out of doing it.

Nick: He leaves Phyllis!

The Moustache continues his secret plot against Jack.

The duo get apprehended by the police.

Karen: She finds out about Neil's plans for Tyra.