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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I liked the Patrick/Carly scene. It was well done on both actors' parts, but did Patrick really need someone else to tell him to be supportive of his wife and to be less of a douche? Also, when he brought home the nanny, he should also have brought home another psychiatrist.

Also, who's raising Morgan if Mercedes is at the Scorpio-Drake house?

I do not understand why Olivia thinks it's a good idea to not tell Carly this giant secret. I never understood why Kate didn't tell and I didn't understand why Jax didn't tell the minute he saw what was on the DVD. That is all kinds of wrong. I think Jax's ogic was that Carly would blame him because he never tossed Jerry's butt in jail when he should have, but that's pretty weak to me.

I love Ric and any opportunity to see Rick Hearst grace my screen, but has he heard of a phone? He showed up three times in the same day. If my brother showed up at my house three times in the same day, I'd wonder what the heck as well. Now, having said that, he's easy on the eyes and he's my man, so I'm cool with it!

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I know there's no money in the budget for additions and they have this really "cool" new Mercy entrance/lobby/waiting room thingy set that they want to play with, but what kind of doctor walks out and tells a patient news like that in front of other people? Is it just me or did those results come back rather quickly.

I know they don't know what to do with the Qs/Lacey, but this storyline is almost as bad as the "meet me in a bar in Mexico to discuss divorce for the 8 billionth time" story.