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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.27.09


Ask Away Day! Hit me with your best shot and if I can answer, I will.

Claudia – Scrubs, Claudia – Scrubs…
Why have the last few SPOILER blogs started with them? Apparently they’re the only ones getting written for on GH. I like Scrubs despite the lack luster storytelling for Robin’s Post Partum story and while I love Sarah Brown, the character of Claudia never really worked for me. Every day I read how bored you all are with the SCOOP and the show and I am right there with you.

Claudia gets top billing today as she’s the girl with the plan. Maxie and Johnny help her out by getting rid of Ric and the pair ditch him at the hospital. Claudia drops by just in time for Ric to strangle her. He’s not killing her, he needs her and tells her try to kill me again and a copy of the DVD goes straight to Sonny. Johnny’s role in all of this does not end with getting Ric to the hospital. Claudia wants Johnny to join up with Sonny and help her get the goods on her hubby and Jason. Is this why Johnny and Lulu end?

Johnny takes it a step further and decides that killing Ric is the best option. So while the mafia prince has Ric in a choke hold Jason walks in and does nothing to stop it. Hey, he hates Ric! Claudia busts the two apart. Why? That DVD that is supposed to go to Sonny should anything happen to Ric. Will she tell Sonny a version of the truth? It LOOKS like Claudia tells Sonny that Ric is blackmailing her and Sonny actually apologizes! He thinks Ric is simply using Claudia to get to him in Ric’s typical everything is about my brother fashion. I think want frustrates me the most about Sonny the good mobster is that he’s not a smart mobster.

I mentioned another visit to Michael’s bedside. That kid is getting more confessions out of the residents of PC than the PCPD ever could! Jax confesses to keeping the secret and that putting Jerry away after the MetroCourt mess could have prevented Michael being shot. Claudia drops by and tells Michael another Corinthos child is the way to stop Sonny from killing her if he learns the truth and hey, Claudia can replace the child she caused Sonny to lose. Let me know how that works out for you Claudia.

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Enough with Claudia… I’m not even touching Scrubs today.

Dare I even discuss Ethan? He’s been on my screen the last two days and I’m still not sure why other than to annoy me. Is he a Spencer? Will he and Lulu have a thing? IF they do, he better not be a Spencer, GH has not induced vomiting yet, but IF we have a little incest storyline, it will. Ethan’s a con man and he’s stealing from Crimson. Lulu catches him and the two must win back the money Ethan stole and then lost.

Jerry’s back… Live and in person. It’s not another DVD that has Sebastian Roche back it’s the real deal, sorry Belinda.

NotEmily… Not interested was more like it until I saw this POSSIBLE storyline. Now, it’s most likely FANFIC since I find it interesting so please pull out your salt licks and prepare yourself for some sodium overload. We don’t need to rehash most fans’ hopes that NotEmily is the RealEmily and the return of Helena has plenty of fans clamoring for the psychotic granny to have a part in Emily’s “death.” All the mysterious phone calls Rebecca was getting (they’re SUPPOSED to pick back up) are RUMORED to be Helena who Rebecca MAY be working for. Why is the question? What does Helena have on Rebecca? What does Helena want from her grandson? She usually wants the Cassadine heir but RUMORS have her showing no interest in Spencer with the LATEST SCOOP saying Nikolas ships his son out of town so that he’s far away from Helena. Granny wants the Cassadine Empire back and she’s SUPPOSEDLY using Rebecca to do so. But without the Cassadine heir, how much can Helena accomplish? Well what if she has a Cassadine heir and that’s what Helena is holding over Rebecca’s head?


That NotEmily – Nikolas lip lock? Comes after Nikolas shares Emily’s breast cancer story with Rebecca.

JoMax are lying to their respective counterparts. Lulu and Spinelli are suspicious about the “club opening” the pair say they attended. They SHOULD be covering for dumping Ric’s unconscious behind at the hospital.