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One Life to Live Spoilers

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Where to start? Everything is dark and depressing and it doesn't seem to be lightening up any time soon.


Antonio & Talia   Antonio waved goodbye yesterday to go hunt down Carlo Hesser, leaving Talia and Fish as the last two cops working on anything. Talia will be getting close to the Letter Killer's identity. Does that mean that Talia is the next victim? RUMORS are pointing that Talia leaves Llanview in a body bag and that Antonio will return to attend her funeral. Personally, there are a lot better victims that I would prefer to be the next target. Let's move on to one of those, Stacy!

Stacy, Gigi & Rex   Is there a storyline she is not involved in? She is blackmailing Roxy and Gigi, she slept with Fish, she has a history with Schulyer, is she sleeping with Kyle the lab tech? Is that how she gets him to keep her secret of the non match? How far will Stacey take her scam? To the operating table? Maybe! Gigi hatches a plan with Brody to make Rex mad at her so she can break up with him. Does Rex buy it? I'm hearing no. Does this mean he goes into PI mode and figures out that Stacy is lying? Hopefully!

Matthew, Bo & Nora  In the meantime, Clint is hunting up a doctor for Matthew, does he find one? I'm hearing yes! (is this the role Real Andrews auditioned for? Possibly) However, finding a doctor is only half the battle. Matthew feels he deserves to be in this wheelchair and it will take Nora, Bo, Rachel and Destiny to convince Matthew that he deserves a chance to walk again. Is this going to be the happy story? This show definitely needs one.

Cole & Starr  This brings us to the reason that Matthew is in the wheelchair, Cole. Cole is headed into rehab, but rumors have it that he breaks out. Why? Starr, of course! What is Starr doing? She is going to be trying to seduce Mr. J. She's going to tart herself up and supposedly do a striptease that Schulyer turns down. This sends Starr running into the night and into the arms of Zach. Do you remember Zach? He was one of the three rapists. He's going to hold Starr hostage (what else can this girl go through?) but is he the killer? Some say yes and some say no. Maybe Powell, the other rapist, is back as well. Is it Fish? Is he somehow related to Zach or Powell? The wildest guess out there right now is Rebecca. Those who are OLTL history buffs can tell everyone who that is in the comments, and I'll mention the first person who gets it right on the podcast!

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John, Marty & Blair  John is going to be trying to find out who the killer is and keep Marty calm and keep the kids for Blair, that is why they are getting married, but will they ever consummate? Most speck says that no, they won't because Marty returns to claim her man, or is he Blair's man? Can Blair get out of the scrubs first?  Marty is supposed to be regaining her memory. When she will remember her love for all things Cole and John? Supposedly in her memory is the secret to unlocking the identity of the killer.

Odds & Ends  With all the Gannon returns, what exactly are they going to do? We know Rachel is back to help Matthew. What about Hank? Is he stepping into the DA's shoes as a temp for Nora? Is RJ coming back for Jamie with Antonio leaving town? What about Tea? She has realized that she loves Todd, but he doesn't love her. Helping Blair and Cole is her penance. Or is it? Some wacky rumors have Powell having a familiar face. If he does, is this where Tea finally sticks it to Todd? Cuz I think we all know that going on a date with Ray won't! Ray has the hots for Dorian anyway and she'll be busy with him and David. What else is Todd doing? He's trying to kill John! Todd tries to hire good old Jackie to rub John out, but Jackie turns him down.

The Great Baby Caper  As if all this is not enough doom and gloom, what about the baby swap? Jess and Brody grow closer, but he jumps in bed with Gigi to help her. Will he spill the truth to Jess? Or will this doom them before they start? What will it take for Natalie and Jared to spill the truth? Did they learn nothing from the last family secret they kept? There are rumors of a May wedding for this pair, will they ever make it to the I do's? Some say yes and others say no. RUMORS have it we will be seeing more of the over the top type of fake reveals like the one we saw yesterday.

While this is all happening, Jessica and Marty find a way to reconnect as friends. They will find consolation in each other's friendship as they both get burned by the men they love. Viki however, begins to suspect there is more to the story than what anyone is letting on and tells Gigi to be straight with everyone. Will Gigi come clean with Jessica?

Now remember, things are changing fast and furiously back stage behind all the ABC soaps. What is heard today may end up on the cutting room floor tomorrow. So I'll try to keep you updated as I hear these things!