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All My Children Spoilers

Hi all! Superposter checking in with your SUPER-SPOILERS for the upcoming week and down the road! Here is a glimpse:


Aidan/Crazy Annie: Annie believes she may have killed someone; this is not the case as Aidan discovers. The truth of the matter is that Richie killed a person and then put the bat in his sister's hands. (And then they went inside and watched some Y&R.) POLL: Are you loving or hating the Aidan and Annie pairing?

Frankie/Randi: Frankie battles with thoughts of going back to war. Taylor and Brot try and help Randi understand what is going through Frankie's head, having been in combat themselves.

Jake/Amanda: Amanda confesses to Jake that she wishes he had been the father as he continues to assure her she is doing the right thing. Soap Opera Digest quotes Charles Pratt: "He's got his hands full dealing with her." DOWN THE ROAD: Jake announces that he is the daddy.

Ryan/Zach: Zach and Ryan face off in a game of (not strip) poker. (Sorry ladies!) At stake? The casino and Myrtle's cremated remains (well, one of the two). Kendall backs Ryan while Erica supports Zach. Zach comes out the winner.

Erica/Ryan: Erica tries to persuade Ryan to step away from Kendall. Who listens to Erica, right?

Zach/Kendall: Ryan and Kendall are getting hot and heavy until Zach arrives at the door and in doing so, stops them from lovemaking. Zach says he will not allow Kendall to take Ian or Spike should she decide to move in with Ryan. For this reason Kendall decides not to move with with her lover.

Ian: Zach discovers that Ian isn't breathing. On Thursday, Zach and Kendall are told that Ian needs heart surgery and bond in their sorrow. Cameron Mathison states to Soap Opera Weekly that Ryan was written as being jealous but he plays it that Ryan is more understanding than anything.

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David/Krystal: David has memories of his daughter, Leora (who died during heart surgery), as he preps to operate on Ian. Krystal's reassurance comforts him and he operates on Ian on Friday. However, they get into an argument when Krystal tells her hsuband he is in no shape to have custody of Little A. Krystal falls in the resulting shoving match, leaving a bruise on her face.

Tad: Krystal's ex goes off to confront David who has been told by Opal that he is the only one who can save her.

Adam/Erica: Adam admits to his former flame that something is wrong with him medically. (Call Bob Dole.)

Bianca/Reese: Bianca returns for another brief stint on April 24th. Not longer after, Reese leaves with her.

Casting Notes:

Cutie Brittany Allen joins the cast as Marissa Tucker and her first airdate is April 21rst. SOAPnet offers this teaser about Marissa's occupation: "We'll go on record as saying this is the first time we've seen this job on daytime. Which basically means Marissa is not a CEO, talk show host, doctor, lawyer, stripper, or clothing designer. Anyway, she gets a true AMC welcome by ending up arrested right alongside Krystal." Hmmmm... a job not seen before in daytime... Is she a housewife? Regardless, check out her on IMDB.

Jamie Luner (Melrose Place) has been cast as Liza Colby and will first appear in late April/early May. Marcy Walker originated the role.

David Canary (Adam/Stuart) returns from the three week vacation and will be seen again the week of April 6th.

As previously reported, Cameron Mathison lookalike Adam Mayfield will He first airs on Thursday, April 9th in the contract role of Scott Chandler, Stuart's adopted son.

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