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The Battle Of Jill's Boy Toy Strippers

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Now before you bug out no, I don't mean myself at least not today er never mind, but since the buzz around Jess Waltonand the character of Jill's starting to really heat up I thought I'd give the DC'ers something to smile about. We all know that Ms. Jill loves the youngsters (again not myself) who the hell can blame her since they manage to get her in touch with her playful side instead of that snarling, angry and combative hag that she's been showing off lately. In these clips you'll see that the men have gotten Ms. Abbott to let her hair down in more ways than one but who had the better striptease for Jill? Above you have Larry,"The Wartman" Warton (David "Shark" Fralic) putting it down and getting Jill to become his version of Lil' Wayne's Mrs. Officer.

Next, you have young buck Sean Bridges (David Lee Russek) he and Jill are playing out most fantasies: secretary and their boss pulling and "all night" session. In the end both men ended up dropping it like it was hot and snagged the girl but who did it best? Take your pick on who shake it like a salt shaker for Jill. Please note: the second clip is in Italian..

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